EastEnders first look week 15 Jean Sharon and Ben

EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for April 11-15

Jean has another shock in store for Harvey

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Jean is still out of control – and she has a huge proposal for Harvey.

Meanwhile, Sharon is worried when she catches Ben red-handed, but will Phil agree to step in?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Jean off the rails

Jean stumbles out of a limo after a stag do in EastEnders

A worse-for-wear Jean stumbles out of a limo after a night out.

Whitney and Martin are shocked to see her.

Whitney and Martin rush to help Jean in EastEnders

Martin takes her back to Sharon’s to clean up and she reveals she’s been on a stag do.

As Jean rummages through Linda’s clothes, Stacey arrives and tells her she has a doctor’s appointment later in the week.

2. Jean proposes

Jean proposes to Harvey in EastEnders

Furious at Stacey, Jean storms off and ends up at the wedding of the stag do.

The groom allows her to catch the bouquet in order to get rid of her.

Jean proposes to Harvey in EastEnders

A delirious Jean heads home to Harvey.

She gets down on one knee and proposes to him! Will he accept?

3. Nancy accuses Jean of stealing

Jean denies stealing Linda's scarf when Nancy confronts her in EastEnders

Nancy spots Jean in Linda’s scarf and accuses her of stealing it.

Jean denies it so Nancy tells Stacey who begs Harvey to get Jean to the doctors. Will he listen?

4. Ben still struggling

Ben struggles with Callum being the face of a police LGBT+ campaign, but bar manager Lewis encourages it

Ben struggles to hide his fears when Callum reveals he’s been picked as the face of an LGBTQ+ campaign at work.

Callum picks up on Ben’s unease.

Ben struggles with Callum being the face of a police LGBT+ campaign, but bar manager Lewis encourages it

When Kathy’s new bar manager, Lewis, supports the idea, Ben gives Callum his blessing.

However it’s clear he’s not happy with it at all.

Ben struggles with Callum being the face of a police LGBT+ campaign, but bar manager Lewis encourages it

And when Ben is later shaken by a loud noise, it’s obvious he’s still not coping following Callum’s attack.

5. Ben attacks a homophobe

Lewis invites Ben on a night out in EastEnders

Ben and Callum row when Ben cancels the photoshoot on Callum’s behalf.

Lewis invites Ben on a night out and when a group of guys heckle Lewis he shrugs it off, but Ben is raging.

Sharon talks to Ben after his attack in EastEnders

Ben attacks a homophobic man and Sharon catches him.

However she covers for him with Callum.

Sharon begs Kat to keep Ben out of Phil's businesses in EastEnders

As Sharon later confronts Ben she insists he can’t carry on like this.

However, will she tell Callum the truth?

6. Sharon takes action over Ben

Sharon begs Kat to keep Ben out of Phil's businesses in EastEnders

Sharon begs Kat to keep Ben away from Phil’s businesses as he’s too fragile.

But under pressure Kat doesn’t listen.

Sharon visits Phil in prison

So Sharon goes behind Kat’s back and visits Phil in prison.

She tells him everything that has been going on with Ben.

Sharon visits Phil in prison

Sharon suggests he rethink DCI Keeble‘s offer to turn informant, but Phil refuses.

However, when Sharon’s words sink in, will he change his mind?

7. Nancy vows to help her mum

EastEnders Nancy discovers a family photo and bottles of booze in Linda's suitcase

Nancy is upset when she finds a family photo and a bottle of alcohol in Linda’s suitcase.

After shunning her mum, she vows to hold out an olive branch.

Martin shares his worries about Linda drinking with Zack, but Nancy promises to keep an eye on her in EastEnders

Meanwhile, Martin later confides his worries in Zack about Linda drinking and being around the kids.

Nancy overhears and says she’ll keep an eye on her mum.

8. Stuart has surgery

Stuart has his surgery but lies he isn't in pain in EastEnders

Stuart has his surgery and claims he’s in no pain.

However, it’s clear he’s lying. Will Rainie catch on?

9. Bernie stages a protest

Bernie shocked to see her new contract in EastEnders

Bernie returns to work and is thrilled to see her friend Molly there.

However Bernie’s left shocked when she sees the new terms of her contract.

Bernie leads the workers in a protest in EastEnders

Vinny is stunned when Bernie organises a walk out with the rest of the staff.

Bernie is more defiant than ever when she spots Rainie with Roland, but will Dotty’s plan to stop the protest work?

10. Rocky saves Kathy

Rocky and Kim get Kathy's handbag back for her in EastEnders

Rocky chases a man who stole Kathy’s handbag and manages to get it back with the help of Kim.

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Kathy and Rocky talk about a date in EastEnders

Rocky returns it and tells Kathy she can pay him back in the form of a date.

Will she accept? Is she softening?

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