EastEnders SPOILERS: Mick starts to push his family away

Mick and Shirley argue

EastEnders spoilers reveal Mick keeps pushing his family away. But will they figure out what’s going on?

A couple of weeks ago, Mick found out Frankie Lewis is his daughter. It was later revealed that Frankie’s mum, Katy, had sexually abused Mick, falling pregnant with his child when he was 12 and she was 2o.

In next week’s scenes Max offers Linda a lunch shift at the restaurant after hearing about her financial woes.

When Linda tells Mick, he’s indifferent but snaps at her when she presses him. Linda decides to take Max up on his offer.

Tina gives Mick a pep talk (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Tina is angry to see Mick having a go at Linda and confronts him about his recent snarky behaviour.

She gives him a serious pep talk and assures him that he’s a great dad.

Later at The Vic, Shirley tries to talk to Mick but he ends up snapping at her, saying she was never there for him when he needed her.

Mick and Shirley argue (Credit: BBC)

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However Shirley takes this hard and yells back at Mick, telling him not to play the victim. Have they fallen out for good?

Will he tells his family about what’s really going on?

EastEnders: Shirley steals from Sonia?

Meanwhile, Sonia is unsure what to do with the car she has been gifted. Shirley offers her £3000 for it, but Mick is disgusted and points out it’s worth a lot more.

Shirley takes the keys to Sonia’s car keys (Credit: BBC)

When Mick and Sonia leave, Shirley takes the car keys…

Later, Shirley offers Gray a job with the Mitchell family business. What is she planning?

Mick’s past with Frankie’s mum

Frankie recently started getting close with the Carter family and revealed to Tina that she was the daughter of Katy Lewis.

Frankie is Mick’s daughter (Credit: BBC)

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But Frankie was shocked when Tina revealed that Katy was a carer who use to help look after them when they were kids.

When she realised her mum had abused Mick she was disgusted. Will Mick tell his family about what happened to him as a child?

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