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Friday 10th July 2020

EastEnders SPOILERS: Mick discovers Linda is in court

She's appearing over her drink driving charge

It's lie after lie after lie at the moment for EastEnders' Linda Carter, but husband Mick is starting to get suspicious.

Tomorrow night he will discover the truth as he finds out she's in court charged with drink driving.

Viewers saw a hungover Linda, clearly still way over the limit, crash into nemesis Shelley's car on Monday night (November 25).

Linda was breathalysed and arrested (Credit: BBC)

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Although Linda drove off, Shelley's friend witnessed the smash and called the cops, who arrived to breathalyse Linda.

When that proved she was over the limit, she was arrested and given a court date.

But as she snuck out to see a solicitor in last night's episode (Tuesday November 26), Mick was non-the-wiser as to what his wife had been up to.

Linda was left embarrassed after the incident (Credit: BBC)

However, he has been getting worried about her drinking and is clearly aware she's been keeping something from him.

Tomorrow night (Thursday November 28) sees Mick discover just what.

As Ruby moves into The Vic as part of the wife swap competition, Mick is distracted.

He's stunned when he hears of Linda's whereabouts and rushes off to court to find his wife standing in the dock.

Mick is horrified to see where Linda really is (Credit: BBC)

The Vic landlord can't believe it as he watches Linda receive her sentence, but what will the outcome be?

And how will the latest lies affect the Carters' marriage?

Mick already knows Linda is hitting the bottle a little too hard, but will a drink driving conviction be enough to make Linda stop?

Can Linda give up drinking now her secret is out? (Credit: BBC)

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Or does her booze battle have a long way to go yet?

Can Mick and Linda survive this latest test to their marriage?

EastEnders is on Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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