EastEnders SPOILERS: Mick and Katy visit his childhood care home

Katy claims Mick has been remembering his childhood wrong

EastEnders spoilers reveal Mick and Katy visit his childhood care home. But will it trigger any memories?

Mick and Katy go to the care home where Mick grew up. Katy is nervous about what the visit could trigger, but Mick is determined to get answers.

When they arrive, they find the building is now boarded up, but Mick doesn’t give up. Once inside, old memories come flooding back.

Once inside the care home, Mick’s old memories come flooding back (Credit: BBC)

Katy suggests that Mick’s trauma was to do with Shirley leaving him, but Mick is still convince that there’s something else.

Linda bumps into Max while buying rum from the Minute Mart but quickly explains it’s for Mick.

Later she sets up an anniversary party at home for Mick to remember a date they had when they were 12. But his reaction is not what she hoped and she’s devastated.

EastEnders: Linda cheats on Mick

With Mick not wanting to open up, Linda takes herself off to the playground. But when Max spots her contemplating having a drink, he convinces her to go to the restaurant with him.

Max tries to comfort Linda  about her troubles with her husband and they soon end up sharing a kiss. But little do they know, Ian has seen them from afar.

Linda and Max kiss (Credit: BBC)

Later, Ian gleefully warns Max he has the upper hand, unless he wants the whole Square to know about his kiss with Linda.

Max leaves fuming plotting his revenge against Ian.

Tina wants to get The Vic back for Mick

Meanwhile, Tina pays Mick a visit and finds his despondent after his day at the care home. She thinks that he’s down because he’s lost The Vic. Inspired to fix this for her brother, Tina starts on her mission to get Ian out of The Vic for good.

Linda tells her husband she isn’t going to the Lucy Beale Award ceremony and points out how he’s made her feel recently. Later Max visits her at the laundrette. They soon head to The Vic together.

Still angry with Ian, Tina tells Shirley what she’s done and they soon head to The Vic together to witness Ian’s downfall.

Tina tells Mick that he can get the pub back (Credit: BBC)

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Later, Tina tells Mick that he can get the pub back, but he lashes out at her – she clearly doesn’t understand what he’s going through.

Upset, Tina leaves and heads towards The Vic…

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