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EastEnders SPOILERS: Max threatens Ian after money betrayal

Max is on the warpath

Ian Beale finds himself in big trouble in next week’s EastEnders when Max Branning demands his money back.

You’d have thought that EastEnders legend Ian would have learned his business partner isn’t a man to be messed with by now.

Max tells Ian that he would like his half of the restaurant back now his divorce is settled (Credit: BBC)

Max wants his cash back

But, next week sees Ian get himself into hot water when Max’s divorce to Rainie is settled.

Having settled his finances with his ex, Max asks for his Walford East cash to be returned.

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Viewers will remember that Max sold Ian his half of the restaurant in a bid to stop Rainie getting her hands on it.

But now that Max is a free agent once again, he tells Ian that he wants his stake in the business back.

Alarm bells ring for Max when Kathy tells him Ian is financially stretched (Credit: BBC)

Max is even uncharacteristically grateful to Ian and offers for him to keep £2k of the money.

However, what Max doesn’t realise is Ian spent his cash on buying The Vic for Sharon Watts.

Ian’s financial woes 

Desperate to raise some much needed funds before Max works out what has happened, Ian organises a business meeting with Councillor Douglas.

He’s hoping that he can sweet-talk Douglas into backing him in becoming the Chair of the Planning Committee… convinced this will somehow help him to get Max’s money back.

Kathy lands Ian in big trouble with Max (Credit: BBC)

But, Ian’s bonkers plan is driving Kathy mad and when she overhears Max talking about Ian, she drops her son right in it.

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Without meaning to, Kathy gets Ian in trouble when she tells Max he doesn’t need the stress, leaving Max suspicious.

Ian is shocked when Max barges into his meeting with Councillor Douglas (Credit: BBC)

While Ian is busy buttering up his friend from the council, Max barges in to the meeting.

Ands Ian is left red-faced when Max starts demanding his cash back.

With his new business plan in tatters, Ian tries to wriggle out of trouble as usual.

But will he manage to put fuming Max’s mind at ease?

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