EastEnders SPOILERS: Lucas kidnaps Denise again as they both go missing?

Is Lucas up to his old tricks?

EastEnders spoilers reveal Lucas and Denise both go missing. But where have they gone? Has Lucas kidnapped her again?

Lucas came back into Denise’s life on Christmas last year. Fans know he was previously imprisoned for murdering his ex-wife Trina and Denise’s ex-husband Owen.

In 2010, he kidnapped Denise and made it look like she took her own life. But despite claiming to be a changed man, could he be up to his old tricks?

Chelsea is planning a trip with Lucas (Credit: BBC)

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In next week’s scenes Chelsea mentions her holiday leaving Denise and Patrick very suspicious. Lucas questions Chelsea about her trip.

After persuading Chelsea to visit church with him, things take a turn when he’s interrupted by her phone ringing. But Chelsea’s plan begins to crumble when Lucas refuses to go away.

Denise pushes to know who Chelsea is going with and soon the penny drops – it’s Lucas.

Chelsea refuses to take Denise with her instead of Lucas (Credit: BBC)

Denise storms over to Lucas and accuses him of manipulating their daughter. Lucas realises Denise has no idea it’s all Chelsea’s idea and reminds Denise that he can’t actually leave the country.

But soon Chelsea steps in and assures him the paperwork is sorted.

When Lucas suggests that she takes Denise instead, Chelsea refuses leaving her mum heartbroken.

EastEnders spoilers: Lucas kidnaps Denise again?

Later Chelsea waits with the taxi but Lucas refuses to leave. Denise hears the commotion and assumes Lucas has let their daughter down again and confronts him.

But despite Lucas attempts to explain, Denise rants at him – a tirade of hurt and anger. It’s not long before Lucas finally snaps.

Denise and Lucas go missing (Credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile Chelsea is with Jack looking for Denise when Vinny interrupts them – he thinks something has happened in the flat and has seen blood.

They all rush over to find the place in a complete state and Denise and Lucas are no where to be found.

Where are they? Has Lucas hurt Denise again?

Zaraah Abrahams reveals Chelsea’s panic

Viewers know that Chelsea is in trouble and is using her dad to try and get out of said trouble.

Actress Zaraah Abrahams, who plays Chelsea, recently revealed her character’s panic when her plan starts to crumble and Lucas refuses to leave with her.

Chelsea is using her dad (Credit: BBC)

Speaking to Metro, she said: “She’s furious! And she’s panicking and she feels desperate and she knows that the ending could be pretty brutal, she feels panicked.

“She feels like she’s got to come up with something quickly.”

But what’s happened to Denise and Lucas?

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