EastEnders spoilers Kheerat and Stacey

EastEnders spoilers: Kheerat and Stacey FINALLY get together – but then he betrays her?

Will she forgive him?

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Kheerat Panesar and Stacey Slater finally make things official.

But disaster could be about to strike in the BBC soap when he betrays her trust.

Can they make it work? Or is it over already?

Stacey Slater looks in pain
Stacey is not well in next week’s EastEnders spoilers (Credit: BBC)

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Kheerat to the rescue as Stacey collapses

Stacey and Kheerat have been involved in a will-they-won’t-they ever since they had a one-night stand in 2020.

Things are currently off as Stacey focuses on dealing with her family.

Jean is in a bad way following a manic episode, but Stacey believes caring for her mum at home is the best thing.

However, after Jean lashed out and Stacey got hurt, it’s clear things aren’t good.

Stacey is in a lot of pain, but tries to dismiss Jean’s concern.

When Stace bumps into Kheerat, he can tell something isn’t right. She confesses what Jean did to her.

Just as Kheerat is processing and trying to offer advice, Stacey suddenly collapses.

Concerned Kheerat Panesar talks to the doctor in hospital
Kheerat gets bad news from the doctor (Credit: BBC)

Stacey’s life in danger in EastEnders spoilers

An ambulance is called and she is rushed to hospital with Kheerat by her side.

He’s told by the doctor Stacey is developing sepsis and she might die. Kheerat knows to save her life he has to be honest and tells the doctors what happened between Stacey and Jean.

Fortunately Kheerat got Stacey to the hospital in time and they manage to stop the infection.

Concerned Kheerat Panesar talks to the doctor in hospital in EastEnders
Has Kheerat blown it? (Credit: BBC)

Officially on!

Not wanting to waste a single minute more, Kheerat asks her to go official with him. Aw!

The cute couple are happy for about five seconds (definitely not a whole episode!) before Stacey gets terrifying news about Jean.

She finds out a mental health nurse is on the way to see Jean – and it’s all because of Kheerat telling the doctors the truth.

Stacey is fuming.

Despite being seriously ill, she immediately checks herself out of hospital and rushes home.

At the Slaters’ things aren’t looking good as Jean has locked herself in the bathroom just as the nurse arrives…

EastEnders Kheerat talks to angry Stacey
Stacey doesn’t look to be in a forgiving mood… (Credit: BBC)

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Will Stacey forgive Kheerat?

Stacey is fuming with Kheerat for his betrayal.

She doesn’t want to forgive him, but Martin steps in.

He tries to make her see sense, but will she listen?

Are Stacey and Kheerat over already?

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