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Thursday 4th June 2020

EastEnders SPOILERS: Karen to murder Gray?

Who knows how she'll react when she finds out what he's been doing to Chantelle

Vile abuser Gray Atkins had better watch out in EastEnders because his mother-in-law Karen Taylor will be coming for him.

Viewers know Gray has been secretly hurting his wife, Chantelle, but her family have no idea.

However, Karen actress Lorraine Stanley has revealed hell will hath no fury like a protective mother who finds out her child has been hurt.

Mitch might not be the one punching Gray when the truth comes out (Credit: BBC)

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In a joint chat with co-star Roger Griffiths (Mitch Baker), Lorraine told the Daily Star Online that Karen would be the one to take her revenge on the man who's been beating her girl.

Roger said: "Mitch would want to kill Gray, but he might not get there first..."

Lorraine then added: "Karen would do anything for her family, for her little girl.

"But I think she would try to do it in a cleverer way than just attacking him."

Gray will pay if Karen finds out (Credit: BBC)

Roger went on to admit that the "sad" part about the storyline is that Chantelle would probably "defend" Gray even if Mitch and Karen tried to kill him.

Karen would do anything for her family, for her little girl.

Chantelle and Gray looked like the perfect couple when they first arrived on the Square.

But after a few months, viewers watched aghast as Gray locked Chantelle in the house and violently punched her in the stomach.

Gray's abuse has left fans sickened (Credit: BBC)

It soon became clear it wasn't the first time and this had been going on behind closed doors for months.

Gray has been attending therapy to get help with his problems and has been trying to lay off Chantelle since she revealed she was pregnant with their third child.

Although viewers know Chantelle suffered a devastating miscarriage last week.

Chantelle has lost the baby (Credit: BBC)

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She hasn't told Gray she's lost the baby, but has confided in mother Karen in heartbreaking scenes.

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