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EastEnders SPOILERS: Ian Beale suffers breakdown on Christmas Day

Ian will be left with nowhere to turn

New EastEnders spoilers reveal Ian Beale is going to suffer a breakdown on Christmas Day.

Businessman Ian is having an awful Yuletide after someone tried to kill him earlier this month.

Now back in the Square and on the road to recovery, Ian will realise that he’s very much alone.

Ian sits alone with a baseball bat terrified on Christmas (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Ian has a Christmas breakdown

New EastEnders spoilers have revealed how Ian’s mystery tormenter will strike again.

With Ian and viewers still not knowing who attacked him, his paranoia reaches fever pitch.

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But when the police get nowhere and keep investigating, a series of unsettling events leave him terrified.

At the start of next week, a panicking Kathy and Sharon fear the worst after a loud bang goes off in the Vic.

They rush in terrified at what they’ll find and see Ian cowering under a table.

EastEnders Ian Beale
It won’t be a happy Christmas for Ian Beale, EastEnders spoilers reveal (Credit: BBC)

And when Christmas Eve arrives, Ian is even more fearful of what will happen to him.

A shocking event will see him decide to take drastic action.

He decides that the only way he will survive is to run away and leave Walford for good.

But when Christmas Day arrives, it’s clear Ian isn’t coping.

He has reached breaking point and can no longer cope with everything that is happening to him.

Who attacked Ian? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Who attacked Ian Beale?

The soap originally revealed eight official suspects for Ian’s attack but it has been slowly ruling them out.

So many of us have a theory that Sharon is behind Ian’s attack, especially after her agreeing to marry Ian after all that business of ‘we will only ever be friends’.

The suspects are Tina Carter, Max Branning, Suki Panesar, Ben Mitchell, Peter Beale, Bobby Beale, Rainie Cross and Stuart Highway.

But fans are convinced Ian’s new wife Sharon is responsible.

Did Sharon attack Ian Beale? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans think Sharon attacked Ian Beale

They think she discovered the truth about her son Denny’s death and plotted revenge with Dotty Cotton.

Writing on a Digital Spy forum, one fan said: “So many of us have a theory that Sharon is behind Ian’s attack, especially after her agreeing to marry Ian after all that business of ‘we will only ever be friends’.

“I would be shocked if Sharon didn’t have anything to do with it at this point. My theory is that she’s in on it with Dotty (who’s ‘gone off to Ireland’ – I feel like that scene was written in for a reason) and possibly one more person.

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“I reckon Sharon ended up finding out the truth about Ian’s role in Denny’s death from Dotty and teamed up for revenge. Phil might have also been involved.

“I doubt Sharon would be the one to get her hands dirty – but I’m not sure if Dotty would either, maybe they hired a complete random to do it?

“The she’ll get Ian to sign over The Vic to her in some sort of blackmail.”

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