EastEnders spoilers Suki and Honey

EastEnders SPOILERS: Honey viciously attacked and threatened by Suki

Things turn nasty between the former friends

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Next week’s EastEnders spoilers show things turning violent between Honey and Suki after their shock kiss is exposed.

Ever since Honey knocked her back, Suki has been icy cold with her worried employee.

But the bad situation gets worse when Honey finally tells Jay why Suki is being so awful to her.

Once the secret is out, things spiral – leading Suki to attack Honey!

EastEnders spoilers: Honey confesses all

EastEnders spoilers honey tells all
Honey can’t hide the truth any longer (Credit: BBC)

Jay is already suspicious after Honey was put on evening shifts as punishment from Suki.

But Honey is devastated when Suki refuses to give her time off to accompany Janet to Miami on a modelling shoot.

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Jay feels Suki is being cruel for no reason, and Honey eventually spills the beans.

Furious at Suki’s antics, Jay tells Kheerat what’s been going on.

But he’s not prepared for Kheerat’s furious reaction…

The Panesars turn violent

Kheerat and Jay
Kheerat goes mad over Suki’s secret (Credit: BBC)

Jay soon regrets talking to Kheerat when the raging Panesar slams him against the Vic wall.

Kheerat then heads to the Minute Mart to accuse Honey of lying.

Suki’s mortified to realise her son knows what happened as Honey defends herself.

Suki and Honey
Suki isn’t backing down (Credit: BBC)

But when the two women are alone, Honey tries to smooth things over by telling Suki she’s got no reason to feel ashamed.

Instead of being grateful for Honey’s compassion, Suki slaps her across the face and threatens her.

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However, Suki has forgotten that she told Honey her deepest, darkest secret.

Summoning all her strength, Honey warns Suki that she’ll tell everyone the truth about Jags’ death.

Will Suki back down in the face of Honey’s threat, or will she fight back?

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