EastEnders SPOILERS: Gray finds a new victim

Gray killed his wife Chantelle

EastEnders spoilers reveal Gray begins to manipulate and control Whitney.

Over the last few months, Whitney has been helping Gray with his children after the death of his wife Chantelle.

Gray kills Chantelle EastEnders
Gray killed Chantelle (Credit: BBC)

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However what she doesn’t know is the solicitor was abusing Chantelle and was responsible for her death.

EastEnders spoilers: Gray begins to manipulate Whitney

In next week’s scenes Gray watches Kush and Whitney playfully wind each other up. He immediately gets jealous but comes up with an idea.

Later, Karen arrives at Gray’s to make dinner, however Whitney has already sorted it.

Gray is jealous to see Whitney and Kush (Credit: BBC)

Gray tells Karen he wants her to be a grandmother, not the hired help, and Whitney will be looking after the kids from now on.

Later, Gray suggests to Whitney that they have a movie night with the children. But he’s shocked when she reveals that she has a date.

Taken aback he plants a seed of doubt in her mind.

Later, Gray notices Whitney isn’t dressed up and she tells him she decided against going on a date, leading Gray to invite her to stay for the movie.

Whitney tells Gray she has a date (Credit: BBC)

The next day, a hungover Whitney is cleaning up Gray’s house. She slept on the sofa after too many bottles of wine.

As Whitney plays with the kids, Gray is happily aware she is fitting into the role.

Later, Gray is at the café when he bumps into David the divorce lawyer. As he gives his condolences, Gray is confused but the penny drops and Gray realises Chantelle must have gone to see him for advice.

Soon Whitney arrives and Gray tells her that he thinks they could be something special and that she should move in. Whitney points out that he’s still grieving.

Whitney wants to help Gray

Speaking about Whitney and Gray, actress Shona McGarty said that her character wants to help the solicitor after Chantelle’s sudden death.

As reported in the Metro, she said: “Whitney feels for Gray after Chantelle passed away.

“She’s watching him struggle with doing school runs, being a single parent and trying to hold down a job at the same time. And his job, she knows is really stressful. She just wants to help really.

Whitney has been trying to help Gray (Credit: BBC)

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“Whitney’s always enjoyed playing the mum role. Even when Tiffany was younger. With Bianca in the Butcher household there was always loads of kids.

“She’d always be the babysitter. Whitney’s been the babysitter for everyone on the Square at some point. She loves children and she’d love to have children of her own one day.”

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