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Stacey's fears for Jean grow

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stacey is worried sick about Jean, but will Harvey help her out?

Meanwhile, Suki gets worrying news about Kheerat, and Kat is crumbling under the pressure.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Stacey’s fears for Jean grow

Stacey is concerned as Jean reveals she is planning a surprise for the children

Stacey is worried when Jean reveals she’s planning a surprise for the children.

Jean also puts pressure on Stacey to tell the truth about Kush to Arthur.

EastEnders Jean on the bouncy castle

Jean blocks the market and puts on a bouncy castle for the kids, leaving Martin and Stacey concerned.

Stacey is mortified to see Jean on the bouncy castle, especially when she hurts Arthur and embarrasses herself.

EastEnders Jean on the bouncy castle

Stacey tries to get Jean off, but Jean pushes her away.

Harvey and Dana arrive home, but Harvey fails to step in and help Stacey.

EastEnders Jean on the bouncy castle

Instead, Harvey starts bouncing with Jean!

Stacey is furious as she doesn’t think Harvey understands Jean’s condition.

2. Stacey goes to desperate lengths to protect Jean

EastEnders Martin helps Stacey find Jean and Arthur

Stacey bans Jean from seeing the kids alone until she sees a doctor, but Jean manages to sneak out with Arthur.

Martin helps a frantic Stacey to find them.

After a huge argument with Stacey, Jean arrives at Harvey and Rocky’s

Stacey is devastated to discover Jean told Arthur the truth about Kush.

Jean and Stacey have a huge argument and Jean decides to move in with Harvey announcing Stacey is dead to her.

Stacey tries to xplain to Harvey how Jean’s current behaviour is evidence that she's experiencing a manic episode

Stacey tries to explain that Jean is having a manic episode to Harvey, but will he listen to her?

3. Suki gets bad news about Kheerat

Suki and Dotty find out from Kheerat’s lawyer that he will plead guilty.

Kheerat’s lawyer informs Suki he is going to plead guilty.

However Suki is unhappy with the decision and begs her to find another way.

Suki and Dotty find out from Kheerat’s lawyer that he will plead guilty.

Suspicious Dotty decides to help find a solution.

She goes to Sonia.

EastEnders Dotty asks Sonia for money

Sonia is stunned when Dotty asks her for money.

But when Dotty begs, Sonia agrees.

EastEnders Dotty asks Eve for help

Dotty gives the money to Eve for legal advice on Kheerat’s case.

Eve soon makes a worrying discovery about Kheerat’s lawyer, but will Suki accept Eve’s help?

4. Kat crumbles under the pressure

EastEnders Kat takes action

Kat is on edge over Phil’s package, but she’s distracted when Isaac tells her the extent of Tommy’s bullying.

She realises she needs to take action and help her son, but what will she do?

5. Mitch and Karen unite

Mack and Mia are upset after hearing from Arthur that their dad killed Kush.

Despite their differences, Mitch and Karen unite to support their grandchildren.

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6. Will lays his heart on the line

EastEnders Will asks for an invite to Jada's party

Jada is planning a party while Sharon is away and despite trying to cancel it, Will finds out and asks for an invite.

Jada agrees the party can go ahead and tries to get rid of Zack and Martin.

Will arrives at Jada's ready to party

Jada’s friends along with Will arrive for the party.

But the girls question why no one else has come.

Will tells Jada he likes her but she embarrasses him and walks away

Will meets up with Jada the next day and has bought her flowers and prepared snacks.

He tells her he really likes her.

Will tells Jada he likes her but she embarrasses him and walks away

But Jada is shocked and embarrasses Will.

He walks away, humiliated.

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