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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 9-13

Sam knows how to get what she wants...

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Sam is a woman who knows what she wants – and will stop at nothing to get it. But who will get in her way?

Meanwhile, Ben‘s vigilante attacks are revealed, how will it affect his future with Callum?

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Sam goes to desperate lengths to strike a deal

Sam Mitchell is furious when she finds her belongings have been dumped in the Square

Sam has an important business meeting to arrange to buy Ruby’s.

However, she is left distracted when her ex dumps all her stuff in the Square.

EastEnders Sam looks serious as she bonds with Chelsea

Sam rushes to Ruby’s but is annoyed to have missed the meeting.

Jonah has taken ownership of the club.

Sam Mitchell talks to Ben Mitchell about investing in Ruby's

But Sam isn’t giving up.

On Phil’s suggestion, she speaks to Ben about investing in the club, but he refuses.

Kheerat Panesar is interested in Sam Mitchell's proposal

However, it’s not long before a listening Kheerat shows his interest.

Will they do business? And will it turn into pleasure too?

2. Sam threatens Denise

Jack Branning looks annoyed as Sam Mitchell threatens Denise Fox

Desperate Sam gets an idea.

She is soon making a threat to Denise as unimpressed Jack watches on.

A nervous Denise Fox visits Phil Mitchell in prison for help

With Sam’s threat hanging over her, Denise turns to Phil for help and visits him in prison.

Will he come to her aid?

3. Ben annoyed over Callum’s poster

Callum is the star of a police LGBT poster in EastEnders

Callum’s LGBT+ poster goes up and he is pleased to see it.

He’s happy to have been a part of the campaign.

EastEnders Callum watches Ben as he looks unimpressed the police poster

However, Ben is not impressed.

Things then get worse when he later sees it’s been vandalised.

4. Ben attacks again

Lewis holds Ben Mitchell back as he rages at homophobe Rich

Ben spots a man laughing at Callum’s defaced poster and loses it.

As the situation gets heated, Lewis calms him down and the pair go for drinks at The Albert.

5. Callum tries to save his marriage

EastEnders Callum wants to spend time together for their anniversary, but Ben avoids him

Callum asks Ben to spend some time together celebrating their anniversary, but Ben avoids it.

Unsure what to do, Callum heads to The Vic.

Worried Callum Highway confides in Mick Carter about his troubles with Ben

He confides in Mick and later Zack steps in to help too.

Zack gets Callum a good deal on Sharon’s old flat, and Callum hopes he and Ben can start afresh.

6. Callum finds out the truth

EastEnders Callum is emotional and angry as Kathy tries to support him

Jay tells Kathy everything about Ben’s vigilante actions and Callum finds out too.

They are both fuming and Kathy tries to support Callum. But what will Callum do?

7. Ben grows closer to Lewis

EastEnders Ben confides in understanding Lewis as they get drunk at Ruby's

Ben drowns his sorrows during drinks with Lewis at The Albert.

Are these two getting too close for comfort?

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8. Janine and Linda’s war continues

EastEnders defiant Janine convinces Jada to do something about drunk Linda

Janine overhears Jada complaining about drunk Linda.

She encourages her to stand her ground and kick Linda out.

EastEnders Linda is shocked as she goes through Mick's phone

Meanwhile, Linda is pleased to share some laughs with Mick.

Linda later searches through his phone and sees he’s been researching intimacy issues.

Janine Butcher tenderly caresses Mick Carter's cheek in the cafe

Janine and Mick enjoy a date.

However, their night is ruined by a very drunk Linda.

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9. Kim and Howie cross wires

EastEnders delighted Kim introduces Howie to his date - another man

Howie is excited to go on a date with Kim, but realises she’s got the wrong end of the stick when she introduces a man for him to date.

Howie decides to tell Kim how he really feels, but Kim gets a phone call and rushes off.

Kim Fox is forced to leave the salon in a hurry after a phone call

It turns out the salon has been robbed and Denise and Kim are devastated.

10. Stacey worries for Jean

Stacey Slater and Eve Unwin talk

Stacey goes to visit Jean, but is conflicted when Jean begs her to get her out of hospital.

What will Stacey do?

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