EastEnders Stacey, Kat and Janine

EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 2-6

Janine is determined to win everything

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Stacey is in bits over Jean’s condition. Can Harvey help her?

Meanwhile, Janine is determined to win both her man and her daughter, but will she succeed?

And, Kat has serious worries over Tommy as Walford football club come calling.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Stacey distraught over Jean

Harvey offers to drive Stacey to the hospital to see Jean after her car doesn’t start.

Stacey is nervous about seeing her mum so Harvey offers to go inside with her for support.

Stacey plans to tell Lily what happened and asks Martin for help.

But when she changes her mind, the pair row and it leads to Lily behaving badly.

2. Lily acts out

Lily is upset about Jean and after hearing her mum and Martin arguing.

She goes to The Vic and tries to steal a drink.

Shirley sees her and feels sorry for her.

She gives Lily the opportunity to ask questions about Jean and Lily is pleased she has someone to talk to.

3. Janine warns Whitney

Janine finds out from Billy that Mick and Whitney once had a thing.

She is fuming and warns Whitney away from Mick, but Whit soon leaves Janine’s mind racing.

Janine looks worried as she watches Whitney and Mick in EastEnders

After failing to seduce Mick, Janine tells Billy she’s leaving Walford if she gets custody of Scarlett.

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4. Janine wins everything?

Mick decides to take Janine on a romantic date, but her clothes shrink in the wash resulting in disaster.

She hits upon a plan, but things soon go badly wrong…

The next day Sonia is celebrating her birthday, but Janine uses the opportunity to grill Whitney about Mick.

She asks awkwardly personal questions.

Janine later brings Mick a slice of cake for Tina’s birthday.

He is touched by the gesture.

EastEnders Linda watches as smug Janine and nervous Mick are united

The couple make up.

Janine and Mick are united as they head to Scarlett’s hearing together.

As the hearing gets underway, Scarlett contemplates her future.

Will Janine or Kat get custody of the girl?

5. Sam plots to destroy Kat

Kat is worried when the local football team want to meet Tommy.

She confides in Martin, who encourages her to take the meeting.

However, Sam is listening in and it’s clear she’s plotting something…

Will she ruin Tommy’s future chances?

6. Tommy’s big break?

Kat and Tommy meet with the local football coach, Collin and it goes well.

But Kat is worried when she receives a letter about Tommy’s court case and confides her fears in Martin.

7. Dotty unimpressed with Bernie

Dotty is not pleased when Bernie takes her to chess club.

However, it turns out Dotty’s good at chess and she wins some money!

But when she spots Bernie in a secret exchange, she demands to know what’s really going on.

What is Bernie hiding?

8. Rainie confronts Stuart in EastEnders spoilers

Stuart is still hiding his painkillers from Rainie and questioning whether he can be a good dad.

Rainie soon sees through Stuarts lies and finds his painkillers.

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9. Mitch torn

Bernie is upset to find out Mitch is babysitting Roland. She asks him not to.

But desperate Rainie pleads with Mitch to help her, and promises they can keep it a secret.

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