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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for June 13-17

Ben is out for revenge, but Lewis twists the knife

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Ben is out for revenge, but it’s Lewis who twists the knife.

Meanwhile, Kathy is in an impossible position, what will she do?

Also, Sam and Kat are under attack.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Jay finds out

EastEnders Ben looks anxiously around a wall

Ben witnesses Callum and Lewis having a close conversation.

Jay spots him and realises something isn’t right.

EastEnders Jay looks worried as he talks to Ben

Ben finally confesses Lewis raped him.

Unfortunately, Jay accidentally puts doubts in Ben’s mind about going to the police.

2. Ben wants revenge

Ben Mitchell waits anxiously for Lewis to arrive at the Arches

Ben changes his mind about reporting Lewis after thinking the police won’t believe him about the rape.

Instead, he texts Lewis to meet him at the Arches.

EastEnders angry Ben stalks Lewis with a crowbar

Lewis doesn’t show up, angering Ben.

Ben storms over to the Albert with a crowbar in hand.

Furious Ben shouts and points his finger at Kathy

Ben demands Kathy tell him where Lewis lives.

He accuses her of protecting Lewis and struggles to keep his rage in check.

EastEnders sensible Jay tries to talk sense into Ben

Jay steps in, but can he help?

3. Lewis stirs trouble

Furious Kathy Beale sacks Lewis Butler

Lewis is fuming when Kathy fires him.

She makes it clear it’s because of what he did to Ben.

EastEnders Peter is shocked by what he's told

Lewis retaliates by finding Peter and telling him Ben was the one who attacked him.

How will Peter react?

4. Peter confronts Kathy

EastEnders shaky Kathy can't bring herself to

Drunk Peter tells Kathy he knows the truth about Ben.

She tries to calm him down.

EastEnders Peter Beale looks furious

He asks her to prove her loyalty and report Ben to the police.

But whose side will she take?

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5. Sam put in her place

EastEnders annoyed Sam fires Dotty

It’s not going well for Sam as she talks over the club.

She soon ends up firing Vinny and Dotty.

EastEnders contrite Dotty delivers a package to Sam

Kat and Sharon learn what Sam has done and get their own back.

Dotty later turns up with a package for Sam.

Sam Mitchell looks annoyed behind the bar at Peggy's

Sam is left confused by its contents.

What have Kat and Sharon done?

6. Kat under attack

EastEnders Sam looks shocked

Sam goes to see Kat at the cab office.

But their conversation is interrupted when a brick is thrown through the window. Who’s attacking them?

7. Peter and Dana get together?

Peter Beale smiles as he puts a hand on Dana Monroe's shoulder

Wanting to woo Dana back, Bobby asks Rocky for relationship advice.

But Dana is growing closer to Peter.

EastEnders Dana comforts drunk Peter

Peter and Dana have a heart to heart.

She later tries to kiss him. But will he respond?

8. Chelsea helps Stuart

EastEnders Chelsea shares some words of encouragement with struggling Stuart

Stuart is looking after Roland and Chelsea can see he’s struggling so she suggests they go for a drink.

She offers him some advice, but will it help?

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9. Kheerat gets married?

EastEnders Ranveer and Kheerat talk about an arranged marriage

Kheerat’s uncle Ranveer is in the Square and Kheerat has to ditch plans with Stacey to meet him.

Kheerat isn’t happy when Ranveer insists on finding him a wife and Suki agrees to the idea.

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