EastEnders SPOILERS: First Look at next week’s episodes in 10 pictures

Sharon puts her final revenge plan into motion

EastEnders spoilers in pictures for next week see Sharon putting the final nail in Ian’s coffin by cooking him a deadly meal.

Elsewhere, Frankie leaves for Australia, but will Mick stop her from walking out of his life?

All this and more in EastEnders spoilers next week.

1. Sharon’s final revenge 

Kathy is worried about Ian’s health as they chat in the café.

Later she takes some food over for Ian, telling Sharon that he needs to see a doctor.

Sharon feels guilty when Kathy reveals she is very worried about her son.

Meanwhile, Sharon tells Phil she can’t go through with her plan.

But Phil reminds her what Ian did to Denny and she is soon plotting revenge once again.

Phil tells Sharon he will get stronger tablets to finish Ian off quicker.

Later Sharon realises that Ian is suspicious and so comes up with a plan.

She lies that she wants them to finally consummate their marriage, leaving Ian pleased.

But secretly she is planning to kill him with a ‘special’ dinner.

Sharon puts the finishing touches to her deadly meal for Ian.

But will her plan work? Could this be the end of Ian Beale?

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2. Frankie walks out of Mick’s life 

It’s Mick’s birthday and Stuart has taken on the job of planning his party.

Frankie is thrilled when Stuart asks her along, not knowing that she is Mick’s secret daughter.

But Frankie soon realises that Mick didn’t know she had been invited, and she’s mortified.

The next day there is tension between Mick and Frankie after their run in.

She wishes her dad a happy birthday and tells him she is leaving today.

But it’s only after hearing Denise and Phil discussing Raymond that Mick has a change of heart.

Mick tries to get into the party spirit, but all he can think about is Frankie.

He asks Ben where Frankie is going and is shocked to discover she’s moving to Australia.

Can Mick stop her before it’s too late?

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3. Iqra dumps Ash 

Iqra is over the moon as she tells Ash Habiba is pregnant with Jag’s baby.

Feeling guilty about her brother, Ash heads over to confront her mum.

However it turns out Suki already knew the news and couldn’t care less.

Fuming with her mum, Ash goes home and confesses to Iqra that Jags isn’t guilty.

Iqra is disgusted by Ash’s betrayal and ends their relationship on the spot.

Ash is devastated and forced to move back in with her family.

As Ash clashes with Suki, it is clear the frostiness between them is far from over.

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