EastEnders Whitney worried, Gray on the phone and Janine as Mrs Claus

EastEnders spoilers: First look at Christmas with all-new pics for Dec 20-30

Whitney is on a mission to prove Gray is evil

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EastEnders spoilers for Christmas reveal Whitney knows the truth about Gray and is determined to stop Chelsea marrying him.

But will Chelsea listen or is she in danger?

Meanwhile, Janine is plotting to get Mick to herself and have the perfect Christmas. Will it work?

And Phil finds himself in trouble again.

All this and more in Christmas EastEnders spoilers.

1. Whitney uncovers the truth about Gray

EastEnders Dec 20 Whitney confronts Kheerat about Gray

Whitney is determined to find out more about Gray after what Laura said last week.

However, she is left feeling isolated when she witnesses Kheerat agreeing to attend Gray and Chelsea’s wedding.

EastEnders Dec 20 Whitney confronts Kheerat about Gray

Desperate for answers, Whitney quizzes Kheerat, but is shocked when Kheerat defends Gray.

Whitney then tries to talk to Chelsea, who just assumed Whit wants a wedding invite.

EastEnders Dec 21 Whitney shocked by a comment from Eve

In The Vic later, Eve makes a comment that strikes a chord with Whitney who asks for more information.

EastEnders Dec 23 Whitney gets a panicked call from Chelsea

As Whitney continues in her mission to bring Gray down, she gets a panicked call from Chelsea.

Whit rushes over to No.1 – is Chelsea okay?

EastEnders Dec 25 Whitney confronts Chelsea with proof Gray killed Chantelle

Whitney is in complete shock by what she has found and comes to the terrifying conclusion Gray killed Chantelle.

Whitney realises she must expose Gray and is determined to go through with her plan.

2. Will the double wedding go ahead?

EastEnders Dec 25 Chelsea on her wedding day

As Chelsea prepares for her wedding day, she has no idea what shocks are about to unfold.

It’s all smiles as she and Denise share a moment ahead of their double wedding.

EastEnders Dec 25 Whitney confronts Chelsea with proof Gray killed Chantelle

But then Whitney arrives and tells Chelsea that Gray killed Chantelle.

Will the bride-to-be believe what she’s hearing or will she go through with marrying a killer?

EastEnders Dec 25 Denise on the phone as she waits for Jack at their wedding

Meanwhile, Denise is waiting at the venue for Jack, but there’s no sign of her groom…

EastEnders Dec 25 Gray on the phone as he waits for Chelsea on their wedding day

And Gray is waiting for Chelsea to arrive, but she’s nowhere in sight.

Will either wedding go ahead?

3. Kim leaves?

EastEnders Dec 21 Kim packs her bags ready to leave

Despite Denise begging Kim to come to the wedding, Kim packs her bags to move back to Scotland.

Will she actually leave or could something change her mind?

4. Who will save Sharon’s Christmas?

EastEnders Dec 20 Martin and Zack decorate Sharon's house

Martin and Zack decorate Sharon’s house to cheer her up, but they accidentally break Denny’s angel.

Martin manages to fix it and Sharon is grateful.

EastEnders Dec 21 Sharon invites Phil and Kat to her Christmas party

Touched by the effort the boys have gone to, Sharon decides to have a Christmas party and invites Kat and Phil, but Kat declines.

EastEnders Dec 21 Phil on the phone to his PI

However, Phil later turns up and gets a call from his PI investigating Jada’s disappearance.

What information will he discover?

Phil later decides to invite Sharon for Christmas lunch to cheer her up – but he doesn’t tell Kat.

How will she react when Sharon shows up?

5. Janine plots the perfect Christmas

EastEnders Dec 23 Mick is dressed as Santa with Janine provocatively dressed, but the presents are awful

Janine is dressed to kill as Santa’s Little Helper, but fails in her mission to get Mick’s attention.

Billy arrives with the presents and things look to be going well, but Mick and Janine quickly realise the gifts are awful.

Janine is hurt to discover Scarlett will be spending Christmas with the Slaters.

She confides in Mick and feels herself growing closer to him.

EastEnders Dec 25 Janine as Mrs Claus sets up a Christmas surprise

Mick encourages Janine to do something about it and so she sets about making plans for the perfect Christmas.

EastEnders Dec 25 Janine as Mrs Claus sets up a Christmas surprise

On Christmas Day she dresses as Mrs Claus and enlists Ollie’s help to make it the best day Scarlett has ever had.

Will it work?

6. Janine’s meddling backfires

EastEnders Dec 26 Janine wants Mick to herself so schemes to reunite Zack and Nancy

Trying to get Mick all to herself, Janine schemes to convince Zack that Nancy still likes him.

But will he ask Nancy out?

EastEnders Dec 27 Janine notices Mick is struggling and works out why

Janine notices Mick is struggling and after putting two and two together, she realises why…

EastEnders Dec 27 Mick vows to bring his family back together

It gets Mick thinking and he makes a big announcement: he’s bringing his family back together. But will Linda return?

7. Rocky’s secret revealed

When Sonia’s oven breaks, Rocky suggests they go to Kathy’s but Dotty sabotages him and gets Stuart in to fix it.

Stuart finds a note with Sonia’s name on and Rocky freezes, realising what it is. Is his secret about to be revealed?

8. Stuart drives Rainie to cheat?

EastEnders Dec 27 Rainie gets drunk

Unaware of what’s really going on, Rainie is frustrated when she can’t get Stuart to open up to her.

Rainie distracts herself partying at The Albert and it’s not long before she’s sent a drink by a handsome man…

9. Martin and Stacey go head to head

EastEnders Dec 28 Martin and Stacey both get ready as they prepare for the job interview to be the market inspector

Martin and Stacey are both going for the market inspector job and vow to let the best person win.

Stacey is grilled at her interview and realises Eve embellished her CV and she’s got some explaining to do.

EastEnders Dec 28 Stacey is upset after the job interviewer overhears a row with Suki and Ash

In The Vic later, Ash has some choice words for Stacey and Eve, which leave Suki impressed.

However, unfortunately for Stacey the interviewer has heard everything and he swiftly leaves. Has she lost the job to Martin?

10. Phil gets shock news

EastEnders Dec 30 Phil is pleased to spend time with Raymond and Kat, but things take a turn when Phil is out of earshot

Phil is pleased to be spending time with Raymond and Kat, however things take a turn when Phil is out of earshot.

Sharon interrupts Phil and Kat and soon realises Kat is hiding something, will Kat confess under Sharon’s questioning?

EastEnders Dec 31 Sharon confronts Kat and she admits the truth

Phil overhears and Kat reveals the truth. Phil confronts Denise who issues him a shock warning.

It’s not long before Sharon realises Phil is up to something. What does Phil have planned?

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