EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pictures for January 10-15

A familiar face returns to Walford

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Aaron plans to leave to go to Manchester.

Meanwhile Pam returns and Mick suffers a bad panic attack.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders.

1. Aaron plans to leave Walford

Harvey encourages Aaron to keep a low profile but he’s adamant on going to work.

He soon comes face to face with Neil who shows him a disturbing video.

Neil throws Aaron against a wall and calls him a grass.

Harvey returns and orders Neil out, but he threatens to hurt Dana, leaving Aaron furious.

A panicked Harvey calls Dana and asks her to come home.

Aaron plans to go to the group and convince them Neil has lost his mind, leaving Harvey terrified.

Aaron returns and reveals he managed to convince the others but it comes with a catch.

He has to take Neil’s place and run the operation in Manchester.

2. Bobby makes a discovery

Harvey begs Aaron to reconsider taking the job but Aaron tells them he needs to keep them safe.

Aaron lies to Dana he’s going to Manchester for work.

Meanwhile Bobby opens up to Callum about his worries about the Far Right.

At Ruby’s, Bobby accidentally spills a drink on Aaron and he sees something that unnerves him and tells Dana.

Dana confronts Aaron but he accuses Bobby of manipulating her.

He suggests Dana come to Manchester with him.

Harvey gives Aaron money in the hopes he won’t go but Aaron serves him some harsh truths.

Soon Bobby shows up surprising them and the police burst in.

3. Chelsea continues the charade

Chelsea vents to Whitney but she encourages her to stay in the game.

That night Chelsea puts on a dinner for Gray, playing happy families for now.

4. Pam Coker returns

Callum reaches out to Phil and asks him to give Ben a break.

Callum tells Ben he spoke to Phil but Ben isn’t impressed and wants to go home.

Lin Blakley as Pam Coker

Ben is surprised when Pam pops over: she heard about the attack.

Ben finally allows himself to break down as Pam comforts him.

However Ben misses an important meeting with Phil and some clients, leaving Phil furious.

5. Dotty homeless?

Vinny is forced to come clean to a suspicious Suki that Dotty is staying in the bedsit.

Suki says she has to pay or she’ll get evicted so Vinny breaks the news to Dotty.

The next day Dotty wakes up after a night of sleeping rough in the allotments.

She asks Vinny if he can find her somewhere to stay and suggests they could give things a go.

Dotty and Vinny are at Walford East and Karen and Keegan arrive.

Karen’s mortified to realise she encouraged Vinny to give things a try with Dotty.

Keegan later visits Dotty with some firm words.

Vinny asks Dotty on another date but she declines and he accuses her of stringing him along.

6. Rainie helps Mick through his panic attack

Rainie realises Mick and Linda broke up and she follows Mick.

But he soon collapses – he’s having a panic attack.

A concerned Rainie helps Mick recover from his panic attack.

She opens up to him about the pain of losing Abi.

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