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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all new pics for February 7-11

Is the game up for Gray at last?

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal the net is closing in on Gray as Tina’s body is close to being discovered.

Whitney also decides to go to the police. Is this the end for Gray at last?

Meanwhile, it’s all go for Stacey as she starts her new business and eyes a possible new romance.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Tina’s body discovered?

EastEnders Feb 7 Gray panics when he sees a cordoned off Argee Bhajee following the gas explosion.

Gray panics when he sees the Argee Bhajee’s been cordoned off following the gas explosion.

He’s horrified when a builder tells him the place needs to be stripped.

Will they discover Tina’s body?

2. Chelsea holds Jordan

EastEnders Feb 7 Denise probes Chelsea about taking her medication

Denise asks Chelsea about taking her medication and Chelsea rips up her prescription.

She’s on edges as it’s the day she can hold Jordan, but she can’t get hold of Gray.

EastEnders Feb 7 Chelsea holds Jordan for the first time

With no word from him, Chelsea goes to the hospital where she’s allowed to hold Jordan for the first time.

She’s totally overcome with love.

EastEnders Feb 7 Chelsea Gray the pictures later, he accuses her of showing off

Chelsea later shows Gray the pictures and he accuses her of showing off, lying that he had to work.

He cruelly berates her and leaves her distraught.

3. Whitney goes to the police

EastEnders Feb 7 Whitney overhears Chelsea’s frustrations

Shocked by the state of Chelsea, Whitney makes a big decision.

She goes to the police to tell them Gray killed Chantelle.

EastEnders Feb 8 Whitney tells DCI Arthurs everything

She fills DCI Arthurs in on everything she knows.

Whit is relieved and optimistic when they say they will help Chelsea if she is in danger.

4. Gray plans to flee

EastEnders Feb 8 Gray hastily packs a bag and grabs the family’s passports

Fearing his crimes are about to be exposed, Gray packs a bag and grabs his family’s passports.

The pressure grows when DCI Arthurs arrives. Is the game finally up for Gray?

5. Honey stands firm

EastEnders Feb 7 Jean interrupts and offers Honey a cake in return for Stacey getting a good spot on the market.

Honey warns Billy she won’t play favourites as the new market inspector.

But when Jean arrives and offers her a cake in exchange for Stacey getting a good spot, will it work?

6. New business and a new man for Stacey?

EastEnders Feb 8 Stacey opens her new business venture with the support of Jean and Eve with a long line of customers waiting

Eve and Jean support Stacey as she opens her new business to a long line of customers.

Kheerat is one of them and Stacey is pleased to see him.

EastEnders Feb 8 Stacey opens her new business venture with the support of Jean and Eve with a long line of customers waiting

Jean serves him, but he and Stacey share a longing look.

It’s clear there’s something brewing between them…

Kheerat visits Stacey’s and kisses her on the cheek, leaving Stacey smitten.

Stacey is forced to visit Kheerat later in the week and apologise after he gets food poisoning.

He’s grateful for her concern.

Kheerat visits Stacey’s and kisses her on the cheek, leaving Stacey smitten.

She also finds out he paid for the repairs to her van and he kisses her on the cheek.

Will these two get together?

7. Mick left heartbroken again

EastEnders Feb 8 Mick and Ollie return, Linda was a no show.

Despite Janine trying to persuade him not to, Mick takes Ollie to see Linda.

However, Linda doesn’t turn up leaving them both devastated.

EastEnders Feb 10 Peter prepares the men with a training session at the gym - Mick Mitch, Rocky and Harvey

Mitch suggests he gets back on the dating scene.

Along with Harvey and Rocky the men are trained by Peter ahead of a night out.

EastEnders Feb 10 the others all notice something odd about Mick’s date, Angela

Mick heads to Ruby’s with the guys and gets chatting to a woman named Angela.

However everyone apart from Mick notices something very odd about his date…

EastEnders Feb 11 Mick nurses a hangover as Shirley makes it clear he’s not forgiven.

Back home, Mick feels awful when furious Shirley tells him he forgot Ollie’s school project.

He’s hungover and guilty, but Janine has a plan to cheer him up.

Will it work?

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8. Jean softens to Harvey

EastEnders Feb 11 Jean is annoyed that Harvey is her cab driver for her doctor’s appointment.

Jean isn’t happy when she finds out Harvey is her cab driver for her doctors appointment.

But he manages to save the day when he returns her diary after she left it in the cab.

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