EastEnders SPOILERS: Dot scammed out of her life savings

Dot inherited millions from Dr Legg and someone else wants it

Dot Branning is in for a horrifying Christmas shock in EastEnders.

Millionaire Dot will be left shocked when she receives a phone call from her bank revealing someone has tried to steal thousands of pounds from her.

Dotty is quick to accuse Martin to scamming her grandmother (Credit: BBC)

And worse still – it’s someone close to her.

Viewers will remember that the late Dr Legg left his multi-million pound estate solely to Dot after she cared for him in his dying days.

It made her an instant millionaire but Dot being Dot kept her wants low key and simply bought her house from the council.

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But now this year it seems someone has decided Dot should be sharing out her money.

They will decide to try and take it for themselves by scamming the elderly church goer and taking huge sums for themselves.

On Christmas Day Dot gathers her loved ones around to share out the Christmas gifts but Martin Fowler has decided to flee the Square.

Martin does a job for Tubbs that goes horribly wrong (Credit: BBC)

He is in trouble after a dodgy job he had with Tubbs went horribly wrong, and thinks leaving is best for everyone – but Sonia catches him.

Furious at him for being so selfish she rages at him for considering leaving his family and seems to get through to him.

However later Dot is left worried by her bank messaging her to tell her that someone tried to take thousands from her accounts and she quickly confides in her close family.

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Scheming Dotty is the first to point fingers and blames Martin for the attempted theft.

It has not yet been revealed who is the culprit but Martin’s life is set to get even worse when Bex is clearly worried he’s planning on leaving – something he denies to her.

But with the net closing in on him for the job with Tubbs, how long can Martin stay in Walford?

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