EastEnders SPOILERS: Ben freed by police as Callum destroys the CCTV evidence?

EastEnders SPOILERS: Ben freed by police as Callum destroys the CCTV evidence?

Ben walks free from custody next week - but what has Callum done?

Ben Mitchell will be freed from police custody next week on EastEnders – as Callum Highway gains access to the CCTV evidence.

The Mitchell gangster’s boyfriend Callum is caught in the middle with his colleagues arresting Ben.

Callum is compromised by Ben and caught between Phil and Thompson in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Police have been determined to lock up anyone connected to Danny Hardcastle for the armed robbery earlier this year.

Ben was left deaf in it after Danny double-crossed the Mitchells and tried to set them up.

Phil and Ben managed to gain the upper hand and took the cash for themselves before leaving Danny to face the police alone.

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Last week Callum was horrified when he was assigned to go through the CCTV and found Ben on it with a gun.

He didn’t know what to do but before he had a chance, Ben was arrested.

EastEnders’ Callum in danger from police boss over Ben

Callum’s boss DI Thompson will make him an offer to help bring down the Mitchell family for good.

Desperate to get Ben out of prison what will he do?

Later he overhears Phil talking to Ritchie about trying to get Ben out of custody and gains valuable information that could help his deal.

Thompson wants Callum to turn on the Mitchells (Credit: BBC)

But when Phil confronts him, suspecting he has something to do with putting Ben behind bars, Callum’s left reeling.

Only when Phil admits having made mistakes with Ben over the years do things soften. And Callum makes the decision to reject Thompson’s offer and throw his lot in with Ben and the family.

However, Thompson’s playing games of his own and Ben is told he won’t be released until his alibi is verified.

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Back in Walford Phil is shocked when Ben walks through the door, a free man.

Ben assumes Callum destroyed the evidence to get him out – but did he?

And is Phil right to be suspicious when he overhears Jack Branning talking about how Ben should have gone to prison for a very long time?

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