EastEnders SPOILERS: All the details as Max Branning leaves Albert Square

Max says farewell to Albert Square after 15 years

EastEnders spoilers reveal that Max Branning makes the decision to leave Albert Square.

In next week’s scenes Linda is wary when Max approaches her. But she’s surprised when he offers her an olive branch. However Mick is clearly uncomfortable watching their exchange.

Mick sees Max and Linda’s exchange (Credit: BBC)

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Jack has also witnessed their chat and firmly tells his brother that he can’t tell Linda about Mick’s abuse.

EastEnders Spoilers: Max has a plan

Soon Max has a plan in mind. Later he desperately searches Jack’s house and is pleased when he finds a USB stick.

Max is a man on a mission and it’s not long before he strides over to Phil’s with the USB in hand.

Phil is bewildered. As he looks at the evidence that’s stacked against him on the memory stick, Max points out how long he could get in prison and tells him what he what he wants.

Max finds the USB (Credit: BBC)

Later Max begins to pile the pressure on Phil. He is adamant he will give everything up to the police leaving Phil fuming.

Meanwhile Jean and Sharon have some fun at Suki’s expense when they steal a chocolate bar.

Max tells Phil he has evidence of his crimes (Credit: BBC)

As a last ditch attempt, Phil has to come clean to Sharon about Max. Phil tells her that Max has enough evidence to put him away for a long time.

Later, Stacey approaches Max and Abi outside of The Vic and reminds him it has been 11 years since Bradley has died.

Max tells Linda that in a few hours he will have a surprise that may help her and maybe Mick. But Linda realises that Max knows about Mick’s abuse.

Jack heads to Mick’s to apologise for telling Max about the abuse (Credit: BBC)

Learning that Jack told Max about what Mick went through, she is seething. Jack soon heads to Mick’s to apologise. But Mick is furious and heads out of the door to find Max.

Later Mick punches Max after he berates Linda for staying with her husband out of pity. Mick threatens to kill Max if he goes near Linda again.

Jack steps in to try and diffuse the situation between Max and Mick. As Mick leaves, Jack quickly realises what Max has done and his blood runs cold.

Max leaves Walford

Meanwhile Mick tells Linda that they can’t move on if Max is still around.

Furious, Linda goes to Max’s and reiterates that she doesn’t love him and tells him not to speak to her again, demanding he leave Walford.

Max tries to tell her that he loves her but she leaves.

Jack reiterates what Linda said to Max – he needs to leave Albert Square (Credit: BBC)

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Jack reiterates what Linda said to Max – he needs to leave Albert Square.

Max heads to the tube station realising there is no one in Walford who wants him to stay. As he walks away from his life in Walford holding little Abi, he makes a big decision…

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