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EastEnders spoilers: All-new pictures for Dec 13-17

Tiffany and Keegan are at each other's throats, but is that how they really feel?

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EastEnders spoilers for December 13-17 reveal Tiffany and Keegan are fighting in the market.

But something tells us this relationship isn’t totally over, just yet…

Meanwhile, Janine has a plan for Jay and Gray tries to get his business off the ground.

All this and more in EastEnders spoilers for December 13-17.

1. Tiffany and Keegan reunite?

EastEnders Dec 14 angry Tiffany argues with Keegan about their relationship

Tiffany is thoughtful when Liam reveals he’s moving back to Germany.

However, her thoughts are interrupted when Keegan asks to talk about their relationship.

EastEnders Dec 14 angry Tiffany argues with Keegan about their relationship

It doesn’t go well when they begin to argue in the middle of the market.

It’s not long before things turn ugly. As Tiffany starts throwing things, Aaron arrives and leads her away.

EastEnders Dec 16 After their night together Tiffany still loves Keegan

However, something changes and Tiffany and Keegan later end up spending the night together.

But as they both confess they’re not over each other to Whitney and Karen, will they actually tell each other before it’s too late?

2. Janine sets Jay up

EastEnders Dec 2 Jay is angry at Billy and Janine as the police arrive

Jay is fuming after the police search the car lot.

The cops don’t find anything, but Janine has a plan to cover her back.

EastEnders Dec 2 Billy is cross as he discusses setting up Jay with Janine

Janine demands Billy plant the stolen jewellery on Jay, but Jay interrupts him.

Billy lies to Janine he’s done the job.

3. Ben and Callum meet a new man

EastEnders Dec 2 Ben and Callum see a handsome man and they get together for a drink

Ben and Callum spot an attractive man in the market.

They see him again at The Prince Albert and invite him for a drink.

EastEnders Dec 2 Ben and Callum see a handsome man and they get together for a drink

 However the conversation soon takes an interesting turn leaving Ben and Callum stunned.

4. Gray’s dodgy business

EastEnders Dec 2 Gray looks concerned as he tries to get clients from Ben

Gray asks Ben for clients in return for a cut.

Ben initially refuses, but Kheerat changes Ben’s mind.

EastEnders Dec 14 Eve brings Gray a new client

When Chelsea destroys Gray’s meeting by throwing his client out of the house, Ben refuses to give Gray any more business.

Eve overhears Gray’s troubles and offers her services.

EastEnders Dec 14 Eve brings Gray a new client

Gray turns her down, but Eve is persistent and shows up with a client who can pay big.

Although reluctant, Gray agrees to work with Eve.

5. Whitney fears for Chelsea

EastEnders Dec 2 Chelsea excitedly shows Whitney her baby scan

Excited Cheslea shares her baby scan with Whitney as she finds out the sex.

EastEnders Dec 2 Whitney looks at Chelsea's baby scan

Whitney is concerned and pressures Gray to tell Chelsea the truth about his finances.

EastEnders Dec 17 Whitney is concerned as Laura warns her off dangerous Gray

Gray’s old boss, Laura, shows up with a warning.

Whitney asks her about firing Gray and Laura tells Whit he’s dangerous and she and Chelsea should stay away.

6. Aaron plots against the Square

EastEnders Dec 17 Aaron is playing a game with the locals

Aaron meets up with Neil who is frustrated Aaron isn’t doing enough for the cause.

Neil watches Aaron at Ruby’s and Aaron convinces him it’s all part of his game plan to get the locals to trust him…

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