EastEnders SPOILER: Tiffany leaves?

Trouble with Keegan leads to some drastic decisions

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Next week’s EastEnders sees Tiffany Butcher make the huge decision to leave Albert Square after a run in with Keegan nearly costs a life.

Soap fans have watched in horror as evil Evie Steele has spent the last few months grooming Tiffany as she drags her into her dodgy drug dealing gang.

But things are set to take a dark turn when Keegan gets drugs from Tiffany next week that cause him to collapse.

Tiffany’s week is set to go from bad to worse (Credit: BBC)

After a fight with his estranged dad, Mitch Baker, Keegan demands drugs from Tiffany as he bunks off school. But when she refuses, he later forcibly takes them from her only to later tragically collapse.

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Tiffany is stunned when she hears about Keegan, and with Karen on the warpath wanting answers, Tiffany makes herself scarce.

Karen tells Whitney about Tiffany’s drug dealing (Credit: BBC)

But Bernadette knows that something doesn’t add up and quickly realises that Tiff knows more about Keegan’s drugs than she is letting on.

Karen charges round to the Vic to confront Whitney, wanting to know why Tiffany has been giving her son drugs. But Whit is totally in the dark and decides to confront Tiffany herself.

Whitney wants some answers (Credit: BBC)

At first Tiff is quick to reassure Whitney that she is totally innocent, but her cover is soon blown when the pair get home and find the police are waiting to question her.

Realising something is seriously amiss, Whitney tries to get Tiffany to open up. But it doesn’t matter how hard Whit tries, Tiffany isn’t going to spill the beans.

It doesn’t matter how hard Whitney tries, Tiffany won’t tell her anything (Credit: BBC)

While Whitney thanks Karen for calling the police because it has made her realise something wasn’t right with Tiffany, poor Tiff couldn’t feel more alone if she tried.

And despite the fact Whitney is desperately trying to help her, Evie is busy manipulating Tiffany by convincing her that her family don’t love her any more.

Tiffany thinks that no one cares (Credit: BBC)

After spending the night out at a party with Evie, Whitney is fuming when Tiff gets home the next day and starts demanding answers. Realising that she has totally messed up, Tiffany thinks her only option is to leave the Square.

After apologising to Whitney, Tiff packs her bags to go, and even a heart-to-heart with Keegan isn’t enough to make her decide to stay in Walford.

Evie manipulates Tiffany (Credit: BBC)

Her mind is totally made up, and when Whitney hits the roof after getting a call from the school to say Tiffany hasn’t been attending, she knows it is the right decision.

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Realising that Tiff would be better off away from Walford, Whitney eventually agrees that Tiff should go and the pair share a heartbreaking goodbye hug.

Tiffany decides to leave Walford (Credit: BBC)

But will Tiffany really leave? And is this the last we have seen of the troubled teen?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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