EastEnders SPOILER: Sharon and Keanu are rumbled


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Keanu Taylor and Sharon Mitchell could be in a whole world of hurt soon when they realise that someone is onto their affair.

They’re almost caught kissing when Keanu shows his new business cards to Sharon, but she realises they didn’t get away with it when she gets an anonymous text later saying someone knows about their fling.

Someone’s onto Sheanu (Credit: BBC)

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Sharon is mortified and Keanu tries to comfort her but things suddenly get a whole lot more serious for the couple when the anonymous texter sends a very incriminating bit of evidence to Sharon.

It’s not enough to put them off seeing each other though, in fact it actually has quite the opposite effect as the pair are pushed closer as they try to work out who’s onto them.

Later, they both receive messages from the unknown number – and they’re issued with a stark ultimatum. What will they do?

Keanu and Sharon’s affair reveal will mirror the infamous ‘Sharongate’ episode, actor Danny Walters has revealed.

Danny – who plays Keanu in the BBC soap – revealed to the Radio Times that the pair would be caught out, and it might bring back some memories for long-term fans.

They receive threatening texts (Credit: BBC)

The former Benidorm actor said: “All I can say is that there’s a very famous saying that’s applicable to this: history does repeat itself.”

Sharon and toyboy Keanu accidentally left a voicemail for a lucky mystery person in Friday (October 5) night’s episode as they romped in a car at the Arches.

They were celebrating Sharon helping Keanu get a fake minicab licence, but during their ‘celebrations’ Sharon’s mobile fell to the floor and accidentally called someone, leaving them a very frisky message.

Viewers didn’t know who Sharon had inadvertently called and were just shown the image of a phone ringing out on a table in a cafe.

Back in the 90s Sharon was accidentally caught on tape confessing to her best friend Michelle Fowler that she’d been having a fling with Phil Mitchell.

Sharon was married to his brother Grant at the time and when the recording fell into his hands, he was heartbroken, but hell bent on revenge.

Keanu and Sharon affair exposed in EastEnders
Could this be the incriminating evidence? (Credit: BBC)

He played the tape to a packed Queen Vic pub where Phil was celebrating his engagement to Kathy Beale.

A furious Grant then beat his brother half to death, before throwing him down the pit in the Arches.

Danny went on to say that despite the naughtiness of his fling with cougar Sharon, his feelings for her are totally genuine.

He added: “He’s madly in love with her.

“The way I’ve played Keanu is that this is genuine love. If it’s not, it all becomes about mind games and strategies – and that’s not really Keanu’s style.

“He’s a genuine guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s really fallen for Sharon and the stronger the chemistry between the characters becomes, the harder it will be for them to resist each other.”

Keanu’s conflicted (Credit: BBC)

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EastEnders released a new Autumn trailer earlier this week which teased the birth of Hayley and Alfie’s baby, Ruby Allen’s hard-hitting sexual consent storyline, Linda’s final betrayal of Mick and Dot and Dr Legg’s return…

It also revealed that Keanu and Sharon’s illicit affair WILL be discovered.

And we ALL know what will happen when Sharon’s husband Phil Mitchell finds out the truth about his wife’s toyboy…

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One

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