EastEnders SPOILER: Sean’s shock confession

He's been hiding a huge secret...

Sean Slater is back in Walford and no one could be more thrilled than his mum, Jean Slater. But that could all change when Sean makes a huge confession next week.

As Sean arrives back in Albert Square after 10 years away, he soon comes to realise that a lot has changed since his departure.

Sean’s turn to Albert Square isn’t a happy one… (Credit: BBC)

Not only does he have no idea that his ex wife Roxy has been dead for more than two years, but he’s shocked when he realises just how ill his mum, Jean is.

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The Slaters are stunned but thrilled to see Sean back home, but while Stacey and Kat decide to keep the news from Jean so that she doesn’t cancel her upcoming chemotherapy appointment to spend time with her estranged son, Stacey eventually lets the cat out of the bag.

Jean’s thrilled to see her son (Credit: BBC)

Jean is ecstatic as she reunited with her son after all this time, and after an explosive reunion with Ruby Allen, Sean takes Jean to her hospital appointment.

But once there, Sean is faced with the stark reality of just how sick his mum is, and it is left up to Stacey to give her brother a harsh reality check to put him in his place.

Sean struggles to see Jean so ill (Credit: BBC)

With Stacey’s words in his head, Sean thinks about leaving Walford already – but he is back to make amends for the last 10 years and decides to stick around, much to Jean’s delight.

Stacey gives Sean a harsh reality check (Credit: BBC)

Wanting to spend as much time with her boy as possible, Jean suggests that they go away together just the two of them and Sean agrees… but it soon becomes clear that time away from Walford will open a whole new can of worms.

As the mother and son duo head off for their break together, Jean tries to get Sean to open up, but he bristles at the mention of his father and shuts their conversation down.

The siblings are thrilled to be reunited (Credit: BBC)

As they arrive at the remote farmhouse that they’re staying in, Jean is beside herself with joy at spending time with her son.

But as they prepare to go for a walk together, a clump of Jean’s hair comes out following her chemo and the reality of why they’re there hits home.

However, their break is only set to get more dramatic when Jean falls and cuts her leg.

Jean’s time away from Walford doesn’t quite go to plan (Credit: BBC)

Despite initially brushing off Sean’s concerns over her injury, Jean is clearly in a bad way and as Sean notices that his mum is getting weaker by the minute, he realises that this could be the last chance he has to confess the dark secret he has returned to tell.

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Sean leaves Jean shocked as he makes a startling confession, but he’s panicked when Jean loses consciousness and races to find a phone signal in the middle of the countryside.

Sean is about to drop a bombshell on his mum… (Credit: BBC)

But when Jean wakes up, she senses something is terribly wrong when she finds herself in a worrying situation.

What has happened to Jean? And what did Sean tell her that he has kept hidden for so long?

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