EastEnders SPOILER: Ruby’s rape ordeal is made public

There's yet more heartache ahead for Ruby

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Next week’s EastEnders sees yet another twist in Ruby’s rape storyline when the whole of Albert Square finds out what happened on the night she was attacked.

Ruby’s week gets off to a positive start when she learns that Ross and Matt have both been charged, but her relief doesn’t last long after spotting that her case is all over the front page of the Walford Gazette.

Ruby’s upset when she reads the comments people have made about her online (Credit: BBC)

Despite the fact she isn’t named in the paper, Ruby panics that everyone is going to work it out and dashes home.

But that’s not all she has to contend with… later that evening she is devastated when she discovers vicious comments online, doubting her side of the story.

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Desperate Ruby asks the police what she can do about the messages, but as she starts to panic when more people start voicing their opinion, she’s terrified when there’s a sudden knock at the door.

Jay asks Ruby on a date, but will he get the response he’s after? (Credit: BBC)

Luckily, it’s just Jay, and Ruby is glad to have some company. But when Jay, who is oblivious to Ruby’s turmoil, finally plucks up the courage to ask her out on a date, will he get the response he’s hoping for?

Later Ruby heads to The Vic with Stacey, determined not to let the messages get the better of her, but what the pair don’t know is that Martin is already in the pub with Ross and Matt.

Ruby is shocked to see Matt and Ross in The Vic (Credit: BBC)

While Ruby struggles to keep her cool, she’s mortified when the locals in the pub start discussing her rape case, not realising she is the woman that hasn’t been named in the paper.

Ruby’s forced to sit there and listen as everyone talks about her personal business, desperately trying to ignore their comments and opinions.

Ruby can’t cope with everyone talking about her personal life (Credit: BBC)

But Stacey isn’t so good at keeping quiet and after spotting Matt and Ross in the pub, she can’t hold it in any longer, revealing to everyone that they are the men responsible for the rape.

If that wasn’t enough, Ruby’s night then takes another dark turn when Matt and Ross’s friend Glenn turns up at the pub to defend his mates.

Stacey stands up for her friend (Credit: BBC)

As Glenn protests their innocence, Ruby can’t take it any longer and confronts him in front of everyone – leaving it clear to the whole pub that she is the woman who has been attacked.

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The next day, Ruby is reeling after what happened in the pub the previous night, and when Whitney tries to offer her some support, she can’t cope.

Whitney offers Ruby some friendly support (Credit: BBC)

Later that day Whitney tries again with Ruby and the pair have a heart-to-heart, both understanding what the other has been through. Could this be the start of a new friendship for the pair?

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