EastEnders SPOILER: Fears for Rainie as she collapses

It's baby Abi's first birthday, but what's wrong with Rainie?

The Brannings are left worried when Rainie suddenly collapses as baby Abi’s first birthday approaches… but what is wrong with her?

It’s probably fair to say that Max and Rainie had a somewhat rocky 2018… not only did their sham marriage get exposed, but their fight to get custody of baby Abi took more twists and turns than we care to remember. Then they fell in love for real, only for Rainie to go and blow it all when she slept with Jack.

Max isn't happy with Rainie as they plan Abi's birthday
Max isn’t happy with Rainie as they plan Abi’s birthday (Credit: BBC)

But it doesn’t look like 2019 is going to be any happier for the pair as Rainie collapses in the coming weeks, with no one knowing what is wrong with her.

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Believe it or not, it is baby Abi’s first birthday soon (now that was a quick year!) and Max is desperate to give his granddaughter the party to end all parties.

But when Max is called in to work at the last minute, he asks brother Jack to watch Abi, and not Rainie. Leaving the step-mum/auntie heartbroken.

Max isn't happy with Rainie as they plan Abi's birthday
Jack tries to get Max to see that Rainie means well (Credit: BBC)

Wanting to help out, Rainie takes charge of collecting the birthday cake, but when she suffers a dizzy spell and drops it, it just makes her more determined than ever to make amends and prove to Max that she can be a good mum to Abi.

Taking on much more than she can chew, Rainie throws herself into the party planning. But when she ends up collapsing, it looks like there might be more to her earlier dizzy spell than meets the eye.

Max isn't happy with Rainie as they plan Abi's birthday
Jack realises that Rainie has thrown her gift for Abi in the bin, so he gets it out again (Credit: BBC)

Max is later shocked when he comes home to find Rainie out cold on the floor. He has no idea what has caused her collapse or how long she has been there – but things definitely don’t look good for his wife.

Thankfully Rainie comes round and seems fine, but she’s more desperate than ever to get Max on side and teams up with Jack to help sort Abi’s birthday party.

Max isn't happy with Rainie as they plan Abi's birthday
Max sees the gift that Rainie got – a photo album full of pictures of his daughter Abi (Credit: BBC)

When the bash begins, Max sees Rainie still isn’t well and is unsteady on her feet. But instead of being sympathetic, he instead shares some harsh words with her… clearly not the worried husband that he should be.

But it isn’t long before Rainie gives Max yet more reason to be angry when she storms out after their argument, accidentally leaving the front door ajar.

Leaving your door open in Walford is never going to end well, and it isn’t long before someone from drug dealer Evie’s gang has got in and helped themselves to all sorts.

Max isn't happy with Rainie as they plan Abi's birthday
Max realises he might have been too harsh on Rainie – but is she hiding a secret illness? (Credit: BBC)

Despite Jack trying to talk his brother around, Max won’t give Rainie the benefit of the doubt and continues to shut her out of Abi’s life.

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It’s only when he sees the birthday present that Rainie has got for Abi  – a photo album full of pictures of her mum – that he softens and realises that he has been too quick to judge.

Eventually Max agrees to let Rainie help out with the baby, but with Rainie still having these dizzy spells, could there be someone seriously wrong that she is desperately trying to sweep under the carpet?

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