EastEnders SPOILER: Mo left homeless

Things are looking bleak for the Slaters

Mo Harris finds herself facing a night on the streets next week when a plan to make some quick cash goes seriously wrong…

While the rest of the Slaters are desperately trying to track down missing Jean, Mo has got her mind on other things.

Slaters in EastEnders
The Slaters are desperate to find Jean (Credit: BBC)

Terrified that something awful has happened to her mum, Stacey comes up with a plan to make the police up their search for Jean.

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But despite the fact that time is running out for poor Jean, who is struggling to cope with her cancer scare, Mo has only got one thing on her mind… making some quick cash.

No change there, then!

As Kush Kazemi makes the decision that he needs some new stock on his stall, he thinks about roping Mo into going halves with him, hoping their deal could benefit them both.

Stacey and Kush in EastEnders
Kush isn’t happy when Mo double crosses him on the market (Credit: BBC)

Knowing that Mo is a woman in the know when it comes to getting cheap knockoffs, Kush asks the Slater matriarch if she wants to strike a deal, but he is in for a shock when she comes up with another plan.

‘Borrowing’ the cash that Kat was left by Alfie, Mo decides to double cross Kush by getting her own stock and trying to sell it illegally on the market.

But when Kuch catches her, he is understandably fuming… and things quickly get out of hand as they argue.

Slaters in EastEnders
Stacey and Kat are living when they find the money is missing (Credit: BBC)

It doesn’t take long for Kat and Stacey to find out what Mo has been up to, and they’re fuming to discover that Kat’s money has gone missing.

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EastEnders fans will know this isn’t the first time that Mo’s money-making schemes have gone horribly wrong.

Only a few weeks ago Kat was fuming when Mo offered to help her by taking little Tommy to school, only to use him to make some cash before losing him in the Square.

Mo Harris in EastEnders
Where will Mo sleep now? (Credit: BBC)

Fed up with her scheming and lies when they’ve got much more important things to be concentrating on, the pair have had enough and a livid Stacey throws Mo out of the house.

But with her family turning against her and everyone annoyed with her dodgy market dealings, where will she go?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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