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Saturday 8th August 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Mitch tells Bailey the truth about Dinah's death

It's not going to be easy to hear...

There's yet more heartbreak heading for EastEnders' Bailey Baker next week when Mitch Baker finally tells her the devastating truth that Dinah Wilson ended her own life.

It's fair to say that nine-year-old Bailey has been left totally heartbroken since finding out that her beloved mum had died.

Bailey has had her friends and family around her since Dinah's death (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans were in bits last week when Dinah decided to end her suffering after months of living with Multiple Sclerosis, before then also contracting pneumonia to go with it.

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But it wasn't a decision that Dinah had made lightly, and she even tried to get Karen to help make her last moments bearable by sitting with her so that she wouldn't be alone.

Bailey has been left devastated after losing her mum... (Credit: BBC)

In the end Dinah sadly went ahead with her suicide just when Karen thought she might have got through to her, and everyone's world was shattered when Mitch made the grim discovery when he went to visit Dinah last Thursday.

Understandably Bailey has been left lost without her mum who she has been caring for single-handedly for months, but thankfully Mitch and the Taylors have been there for the school girl as she goes through her toughest moments.

Karen tries to persuade Mitch to tell Bailey the truth (Credit: BBC)

But next week sees Mitch facing another tough conversation with his daughter as he prepares to tell her that Dinah's death wasn't just nature taking its course.

Determined to give Bailey something to smile about, Karen organises a picnic in the park, but when she tries to talk to Mitch about being honest with Bailey, he brushes off her concerns.

Things start to take a nosedive at the park when Dennis gets hit in the face and Bailey admits it was her who did it.

Dennis gets hit and Bailey takes the blame (Credit: BBC)

While Mitch is adamant that Bailey should be told off for what she did, Mick and Linda manage to persuade him to go easy on his daughter after everything she has been through recently.

But later Bailey confesses the truth to Karen that it wasn't her who hit Dennis, it was little Ollie Carter... and she was just covering for him.

Bailey's in trouble, but she's covering for little Ollie Carter (Credit: BBC)

Karen realises that Bailey is much more of a tough cookie than they give her credit for, and begs Mitch to be honest with his daughter before she hears the truth about Dinah from someone else.

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Back at home, Mitch finally bites the bullet and sits his daughter down, preparing to turn her world upside down once again.

Mitch tells Bailey the truth about her mum's death (Credit: BBC)

But with so much heartache in Bailey's short life, will this extra piece of information be too much for her to bear?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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