EastEnders SPOILER: Linda disowns Mick

She turns her back on her jailed husband and tells the family she thinks he's guilty

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Linda Carter breaks her husband Mick’s heart in EastEnders next week when she publicly disowns him during a prison visit, telling him she believes he shot Stuart Highway. Whaaaaat?

Mick tells Linda it weren’t him! (Credit: BBC)

The Carters are dealt a blow when a man comes forward and says he sold a gun to a man meeting Mick’s description.

The family then learn that the bullet that almost killed creepy Stuart matches the gun they believe shot the twisted psycho.

Linda pays Mick a visit in prison where he tells her that while he did consider killing Stuart that night, he didn’t actually go through with it.

But it’s enough for Linda who publicly tells him that she doesn’t believe him before heading back to Walford.

Back at the pub she shocks the family when she tells them she think Mick is guilty and says they need to choose whose side they’re on.

Linda tells the family she thinks Mick is guilty (Credit: BBC)

Shirley is livid at Linda’s disloyalty and has a go at her, before Linda storms off to make a phone call. Is everything as it seems?

Later Mick is gutted when he calls Shirley and says he wants to speak to Linda, but she’s having none of it.

He tells his mum he’ll call again later but Linda ignores his call, leaving Mick feeling broken in prison.

EastEnders fans were left shocked last week after Mick Carter was told he could be in prison for years.

The Queen Vic landlord is currently locked up on suspicion of shooting Stuart Highway.

Viewers are still in the dark about exactly who shot Stuart, with most people thinking he did it himself.

Unfortunately Mick’s wife Linda got rid of the gun and destroyed any hopes of proving that.

Mick is gutted that Linda won’t talk to him (Credit: BBC)

And with Stuart’s daughter Zara backing her dad and giving him an alibi for his crimes against the Carters, Mick is suffering the consequences.

In Friday night’s episode Mick’s appointed lawyer was too green to be considered a serious choice.

Mick’s mother Shirley called on the legal talents of Ritchie Scott in an effort to try and get Mick out of prison.

But even the law supremo’s £300-per-hour services couldn’t work miracles.

Especially when it was revealed that there was gunshot residue on Mick’s shirt.

Ritchie broke the news to Linda, Shirley and Tina as they were hosting a fundraiser to raise money to pay for his legal defence.

She told them: “As forensic evidence goes, this is as strong as it gets.

Will Linda really leave Mick to rot in prison? (Credit: BBC)

We need to prepare for trial and we’ve got a fight on our hands. With the evidence they’ve got, Mick is going down for a long time.”

Actor Danny Dyer will soon be taking a break from the BBC One soap to appear on stage in a series of Harold Pinter productions.

But with his performances not scheduled until January next year, what does it all mean for Mick?

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