EastEnders SPOILER: Jean risks her own life by refusing cancer treatment

EastEnders SPOILER: Jean risks her own life by refusing cancer treatment

Jean's struggling to cope but ignoring the cancer is putting her life on the line

Jean Slater will put her life at risk next week on EastEnders.

After being railroaded into going to a private hospital appointment to get her cancer scare checked out, it becomes clear she isn’t coping with the possibility she has the disease.

Stacey tracks Jean down (Credit: BBC)

Viewers watched last week as a struggling Jean packed a bag and left Walford rather that wait around for the test results to come back.

Instead she ran away to a caravan park to shut the world away and pretend like she doesn’t have cancer.

The Slaters are shocked to find Jean missing and call the police.

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Stacey is at her wits end worrying about her mum, causing Martin to step up and organise a search party for Jean.

Eventually the family manage to work out where she has run away too, but then their problems are only beginning.

She has decided to hide out in a caravan park where she thinks no-one will be able to find her as she continues to bury her head in the sand.

Jean was furious when Kat discovered her cancer secret (Credit: BBC)

So when the family get some news that means they have to find Jean immediately they throw everything they have at the search and manage to track her down.

But when they get there, Jean locks herself in the caravan and refuses to speak to her family.

Even when it is revealed Jean is putting her life at risk by refusing to deal with her cancer scare, she still refuses to speak to her daughter Stacey.

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As Stacey, Kat and Martin wait outside, Jean hides and tries not to listen to their words.

Can they convince her to come home and get the medical attention she needs?

Or will Jean continue to ignore the help she needs until it’s too late?

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