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Monday 25th May 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Heartbroken Bex goes missing

She flees after finding out about Kush and Kat

There's panic for Sonia and Martin Fowler in next week's EastEnders when their teenage daughter Bex suddenly vanishes.

Bex has been struggling over recent months with the pressure of getting into a top university playing on her mind and keeping her studying until all hours.

She has even started taking pills to keep her awake, leaving Kush Kazemi worried about her.

Bex has been hitting the books hard recently (Credit: BBC)

But as the pressure to do well mounts, so do Bex's feelings for her dad's best friend. And next week will see her act on them once again as she tries to tell Kush how she feels.

Bex opens her heart to Kush at the market, but Martin manages to interrupt at the wrong moment and Bex dashes off.

Kush feels awful and ends up confessing to Martin that Bex has got a crush on him.

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While Martin assures his friend that he will set Bex straight, it's too little, too late when Bex comes up with a plan to get Kush alone and lets herself into his flat with the key he gave her so that she could study at his flat.

Next week sees Bex decide to woo Kush with a new look (Credit: BBC)

Kush tries to talk some sense into Bex, but when Kat arrives the penny finally drops for the student and she is heartbroken when she realises that they are a couple and runs off.

Devastated that Kush has met someone, Bex packs a bag and leaves Albert Square. But where is she going?

The following morning Sonia is shocked to realise Bex didn't come home the previous night and rushes to the Slaters to see if Martin has seen their daughter.

Martin and Sonia panic when Bex goes missing (Credit: BBC)

But it soon becomes apparent that something isn't right when Bex isn't there and Kat advises the parents to talk to Kush about Bex's whereabouts.

As Kush reveals the truth about what Bex has been up to, Martin and Sonia are stunned and race off to find her.

Sonia is heartbroken when she learns how much her daughter has been struggling lately (Credit: BBC)

But it doesn't take long for the finger of suspicion to point at Stuart, especially when Rainie shows everyone the photo she took of Stuart hugging Bex recently.

As everyone reels from the photo, the hunt is on to find Stuart, who is also missing... but little do they know he is at the allotments looking for Bex himself, and is shocked when he comes across her smashed phone on the ground.

Stuart arrives back in Albert Square to find himself public enemy number one, and soon comes to blows with Martin.

Martin and Sonia are shocked by the photo of Bex with Stuart (Credit: BBC)

But as Martin and Sonia learn the true extent of their daughter's dependancy on the pills she's been taking, Bex is in a mysterious location, secretly taking more pills and starts to get paranoid that she is being followed.

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Martin blames Kush for keeping Bex's issues to himself and the pair end up fighting, with Martin telling his best friend that he wants him to stay away from his family from now on, and that includes Arthur... Kush's son that he shares with Stacey.

Martin lashes out at Kush when he discovers he's keep keeping secrets for Bex (Credit: BBC)

Will Bex make it home to Walford safely? And will Martin ever forgive Kush for keeping Bex's secrets for her?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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