EastEnders SPOILER: Heartache as Dinah takes her own life

Poor Bailey

There’s devastation and confusion heading to EastEnders next week when terminally ill Dinah Wilson tragically ends her own life.

Soap fans have seen Dinah battling with multiple sclerosis over the last few months, with her nine-year-old daughter, Bailey, looking after her single-handedly.

Dinah in EastEnders
Dinah has had enough of being so ill (Credit: BBC)

But as Dinah’s condition has got worse, the Taylor family have stepped in to help Bailey, with her half brother Keegan, and his mum Karen becoming a huge support to the family.

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Just when it looked like Dinah was going to have to go in to a care home to get the help she needs, Ted Murray went above and beyond by letting Bailey and Dinah move into his flat so they could be close to the Taylors.

Dinah and Bailey in EastEnders
Bailey has been her mum’s carer for months (Credit: BBC)

With Dinah just downstairs, Karen and Mitch dared to hope that things would get easier for Bailey and her mum… but it seems that by next week, Dinah has had enough.

Karen is shocked to get a message from Dinah and she dashes round to find she has had another fall.

Dinah and Karen in EastEnders
Karen worries about Dinah’s mental health when she has another fall (Credit: BBC)

But Karen can see that Dinah is fed up with being so helpless and when the nurse arrives to see Dinah, Karen has a quiet word.

Karen asks about Dinah’s deteriorating mental health, confessing that with phenomena also added to her problems, Dinah is not in a good way mentally.

Dinah and Karen in EastEnders
The nurse tries to help Dinah (Credit: BBC)

While the nurse suggests an appointment with a mental health professional, he also mentions another patient who has been in a similar situation to Dinah, and Karen is given food for thought.

Karen is horrified when she later finds Dinah writing out birthday cards for Bailey’s future birthdays, and calls the patient, Darren, asking him to come and speak with her.

Karen and Darren in EastEnders
Karen asks Darren to come and talk to Dinah (Credit: BBC)

But it doesnt seem like his words have much effect, because the following day Dinah is still putting things in place as she plans to end her life.

Karen is pleased to see Dinah in better spirits, but little does she know what Dinah is secretly planning. As she asks is Bailey can stay over with the Taylors, Karen is only too happy to help, thinking Dinah needs a break.

But in reality Dinah is putting everything in to place, knowing that she won’t be there that evening to be with her daughter.

Dinah and Bailey in EastEnders
Dinah secretly says goodbye to her daughter (Credit: BBC)

Dinah spends some quality time with her daughter and, as Bailey heads to the park with Chantelle and Karen, the school girl is oblivious that this is the last time she will see her mum.

Bailey and the Taylors in EastEnders
Bailey plays football with her family, unaware what her mum is planning (Credit: BBC)

Mitch later arrives home to check on Dinah and is distraught when he discovers that she has tragically taken her own life.

After stumbling outside to get some air, Mitch is found by a worried Mick, who is devastated for his friend and offers him support.

Karen and Mitch in EastEnders
Karen is distraught to realise her worst fears have come true (Credit: BBC)

It’s only when Karen comes home from the park and sees the ambulance outside their house that she realises something is seriously wrong.

Heading to find Mitch, she is heartbroken to realise what has happened and realises her worst fears have come true.

Karen and Mitch in EastEnders
Karen and Mitch are heartbroken (Credit: BBC)

As the distraught pair struggle to understand why Dinah ended things the way she did, Mitch is further upset when the police find she has left a note.

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It’s not long before Keegan and Bernadette come home and find the pair in bits… and realising what this means for Bailey, he rushes off to find his sister and break the tragic news to her as gently as he can.

Karen and Mitch in EastEnders
The pair struggle to understand why Dinah took her own life (Credit: BBC)

Of course Bailey’s world comes crashing down and thing will never be the same for the distraught school girl, but Keegan tries his best to protect his sister and be a shoulder to cry on.

Will Bailey be able to get through this horrible time with her brother by her side?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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