EastEnders SPOILER: Hayley’s baby rushed to hospital

Will it give Hayley the push she needs to accept she's a mum now?

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Hayley Slater is distraught when her newborn daughter is rushed to hospital. But having abandoned her on the Ahmeds’ doorstep, will she be allowed near her little girl?

Mariam and Arshad are caring for the little one after Hayley left her with a note asking them to look after her.

Hayley abandons her little girl (Credit: BBC)

The foster carers soon notice something isn’t right and take the tot to be examined at the hospital.

Hayley has been hiding out at her mum’s and even though she does return to the Square contemplating getting her baby back, an argument with Kat causes her to retreat again.

Mariam know Hayley needs to be at the hospital and so calls her with the news. Hayley realises she needs to be there for her baby and rushes to be by her side.

Hayley wants to be a mum (Credit: BBC)She arrives just in time to see the doctor and everyone is relieved to hear the baby is fine.

It’s a wake up call for Hayley who realises she does want to be a mum, and as she shares her first bonding moment with her daughter, Kat arrives and is thrilled to see her cousin’s finally softening.

Hayley finally bonds with her daughter (Credit: BBC)

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However, it’s Social Services who need convincing and both Kat and Mariam try to persuade them Hayley can step up and do this.

Mariam fights Hayley’s corner to Social Services (Credit: BBC)

As Hayls pleads for the baby to stay with her, her own mum, Bev, arrives and insists she’s the one who’ll be taking the baby home.

Kat tries to persuade Hayley to fight for her little girl, but a defeated Hayley concedes and follows her mum and the baby home.

Kat wants Hayley to stand up to her mum (Credit: BBC)

Bev tries to show Hayley how to do the basics, but Hayley’s doubts about her abilities just won’t go away.

Will Bev make her see she can do this? Or is there another option that Bev has in mind?

Can Hayley cope with motherhood? (Credit: BBC)

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Hayley has struggled with being pregnant since day one, not least because the baby’s father is Alfie Moon, Kat’s estranged husband.

And, of course, there’s that almighty bombshell still to come out – we don’t think Kat will be so supportive then.

Jean worked it out a few weeks ago and we don’t think she’ll be able to keep the secret for long. Do we smell a big Christmas reveal coming?

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