EastEnders SPOILER: Bailey and Dinah move to the Square

There's some good news for the family for once...

After months of suffering as she fights Multiple Sclerosis, there is finally some good news heading for Dinah Wilson next week when she moves to Albert Square instead of a care home – and it’s all thanks to Ted Murray.

After being her mum’s full-time carer for months, nine-year-old Bailey struggles with the reality that her mum needs to move to a care home as her health deteriorates.

Ailey struggles with the idea of her mum going into a care home (Credit: BBC)

But just when it looks like the family have got no other choice, lovely Ted Murray saves the day when he announces that he will move in with best friend Patrick so that Bailey and Dinah can have his flat.

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Everyone is thrilled that Bailey and Dinah will be moving to the Square and couldn’t be more grateful to Ted.

Bailey is thrilled when ted lets them move into his flat (Credit: BBC)

It doesn’t take the family long to help Bailey and Dinah move in, but as their new living arrangements mean they’re just downstairs from the Taylor clan, the school girl soon starts to miss having her mum all to herself as people come to offer their help.

Dinah is worried about the toll her ill health is having on her young daughter and calls Karen to ask for her advice.

Bailey and her mum finally have something to celebrate (Credit: BBC)

The pair have struck up an unexpected friendship over the last few weeks, and with Dinah knowing her days are numbered, she has started to lean on Karen more than ever.

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But when Karen later gets a worrying call from Dinah she rushes to see her, but what will she find when she gets there?

Bailey misses looking after her mum on her own… (Credit: BBC)

As things continue to get worse for the family as the week goes on, Karen does her best to support Dinah and Bailey.

But with Dinah clearly struggling, how much longer can she continue suffering?

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