EastEnders SPOILER: A shock shooting rocks the Square

Will the Square ever be the same again?

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It’s a huge week in EastEnders next week when twisted Stuart Highway heads back to the Square to get revenge on the Carter family and his own brother Halfway.

EastEnders SPOILER: Shock shooting for Walford favourite
Stuart returns to terrorise the Carters (Credit: BBC)

As the week kicks off the Carters are trying to get back to normality and are left horrified when Stuart starts calling the pub phone.

First of all he reveals that Halfway paid him a visit the week before, leaving Mick & co. stunned by the betrayal.

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Then he calls back and has a huge bombshell to drop on Mick.

While we can’t tell you what it is, we can reveal that it causes enough alarm for Mick to go storming round to Stuart’s with revenge on his mind.

But Mick is stunned when he arrives at Stuart’s and finds his former childhood friend has laid out the tools he wants Mick to use to get his revenge.

Halfway asks Whitney to stay so he knows she’s safe (Credit: BBC)

A furious Mick is tempted but decides to be the better man and makes an attempt to leave but is thwarted when Stuart starts to wind him up.

As tensions rise it’s just a matter of time before Mick finally explodes.

Meanwhile Tina is also left horrified when she discovers that Stuart’s other victim Dylan, has retracted his statement against the bully.

Tina is confused until Dylan explains to her that Stuart has been terrorising him and making him fear for his life.

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She suggests he spends the night at the Vic.

Elsewhere, an edgy Halfway asks Whitney to spend the night at the pub too, to make sure she’s safe.

As everyone heads off to bed, Mick is restless and can’t sleep, he decides to take Lady Di out for a walk.

The police tell Tina that Dylan has retracted his statement (Credit: BBC)

But unknown to the residents of the Vic and the extra guests, Stuart is lying in wait in the pub.

Disaster strikes as a shot rings out around the square. But who has been shot?

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30 on BBC One

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