EastEnders: Shirley Carter kill murderer Gray Atkins?

Will Shirley find out what really happened to Tina?

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EastEnders abuser Gray Atkins recently killed Shirley Carter’s sister Tina, with tragedy striking just months after he also murdered his long-suffering wife Chantelle.

But will Gray ever get caught out for his crimes? Could Shirley clock on to what Gray has done?

Here’s what Entertainment Daily soap expert Charlotte Rodrigues thinks of the storyline and her theory on what will happen to Gray.

Shirley currently has no idea that Gray killed Tina (Credit: BBC)

Will Shirley find out the truth about Gray in EastEnders?

Gray and Chantelle’s storyline was one that makes you realise just how bad domestic abuse can get.

In the past, EastEnders’ domestic abuse storylines have ended with either the abuser being killed or leaving Albert Square.

While I was devastated to see Chantelle killed off, I think it needed to show the reality of the worst case scenario; which happens all too often in real life.

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Over the past few weeks, Gray and Shirley have developed a bit of an unlikely friendship after she talked him out of taking his own life.

But when Shirley’s sister Tina moved in with Gray, she immediately started to notice the signs of an abuser.

Gray killed Chantelle. But will Shirley find out the truth? (Credit: BBC)

Abuse victim Tina was on to Gray

Tina had been abused herself by ex-girlfriend Tosh. I really liked that element of the storyline – someone who had been abused before spotting the signs of the abuser of someone else.

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After Tina confronted Gray, he killed her and disposed of her body. The solicitor then told Tina’s family that she had fled, which made sense given that she’s the main suspect for Ian Beale’s attack.

While there are theories that Tina isn’t dead, it is worth noting that actress Luisa Bradshaw-White announced she would be leaving the soap. Therefore there’s a good chance Tina really is gone for good.

I think Shirley will find out what Gray did to her sister and will go after revenge.

Gray killed Tina, but some fans have a theory she’s alive (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders favourite Shirley to kill Gray?

Despite Shirley’s poor choices in life, she’s no idiot.

And I don’t think it’s going to take long before she finds a clue or figures out that Gray killed Tina – and Chantelle.

Will she go after revenge and potentially kill him, or will she set him up to go to prison?

But the question is what will she do? Will she go after revenge and kill him, or will she set him up to go to prison?

Personally, I would like to see Gray get caught out by the police and go to prison instead of being killed off.

Abuser Geoff in Coronation Street was recently killed off (Credit: ITV)

Will EastEnders copy Corrie?

In Coronation Street, abuser Geoff was recently killed off after falling off a roof during the 60th anniversary.

While I am happy he can no longer torture his wife Yasmeen, I can’t help but feel like I wanted to see him to go prison and face what he did.

I think EastEnders needs to show victims of domestic abuse that they can get justice and there is a chance their abusers will go to prison for their crimes.

Hopefully we will see Gray go to prison. But it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see!

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