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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

EastEnders fans spot Sharon has changed her name to Watts in the credits

The former Mrs Mitchell is making a huge statement

EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell announced she was Sharon Watts again last night - and fans couldn't be happier.

In fact, EastEnders even cemented the change as the credits rolled and billed her as Watts.

Sharon was a Watts when the show originally began in 1985, but she became a Mitchell when she married Grant.

She has since been a Rickman, and then a Mitchell again, but it's been a long time since she's been known as Watts.

No Mitchells welcome (Credit: BBC)

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No Mitchells allowed

I'm Sharon Watts.

On Monday night (March, 30) Sharon was preparing for the hardest day of her life: the funeral of her son, Dennis Rickman Jnr.

When Jay turned up with flowers from Ben, Lola and Lexi, Sharon told him she didn't want them.

"Bin them, I want today to be perfect for Denny," she said.

Sharon declared she was Sharon Watts again in EastEnders last night (Credit: BBC)

"But Sharon, Ben thought of Denny as his brother," Jay argued.

"Yeah and you're a Mitchell yourself," Kathy chimed in.

"No I'm not, I'm Sharon Watts, and this is Dennis Rickman Junior's funeral.

"Phil killed my son. There'll be no Mitchells there."

EastEnders' Sharon Watts returns

Fans were thrilled at the return of the iconic name.

And even more excited that EastEnders had acknowledged it in the credits.

More turmoil ahead for Sharon Watts

After a showdown at Dennis's funeral, a returning Phil decides the time has come to hand himself into the police.

He knows Sharon blames him for Denny's death and also because he caused the boat to crash, that he is partially responsible.

Phil wants to take his punishment for once (Credit: BBC)

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Next week sees Phil banged up inside and super-solicitor Ritchie Scott swoop in to save the day.

But Phil has confessed to his crimes, which makes it a case that's tough for even Ritchie to solve.

Will Sharon be pleased to see him behind bars? Will it be enough for her to feel she's avenged her son's memory?

Or is there a little bit of Mitchell left in Sharon that doesn't want to see Phil suffer?

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