As Sharon attempts to kill Ian, five other EastEnders wives who’ve tried to murder their men!

This isn't the first time Ian's wife has tried to kill him

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EastEnders fans are currently wondering if Sharon will kill Ian and, over the years, a few of Walford’s women have attempted to kill their husbands!

While some were successful, others were not, but who are the The Six Merry (would-be) Murderesses of Walford?

EastEnders: Will Sharon Watts kill Ian Beale?

Sharon wants to kill Ian in EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

On Christmas Day 2020, it was revealed Sharon was trying to bump off her new husband Ian Beale.

Sharon and Ian have been best friends since they were teenagers. But last year, Ian locked Sharon’s son Dennis in a room on the boat that was hosting The Queen Vic party.

This was because he discovered Dennis had been cyberbullying his son Bobby and planned to take him to the police when the boat docked.

But the boat ended up crashing and despite Ian’s attempts to save the teenager, he drowned.

Dotty tried to tell Sharon about Ian’s involvement in Denny’s death but she didn’t believe her.

However, on Christmas Day it was revealed Sharon and Phil had heard a voicemail Dennis left the night he died, telling Sharon Ian locked him in a room on the boat.

Not only has she had him attacked, but she has been slowly poisoning him. And this week, it looks like she plans to finish the job. Will she go through with killing Ian?

EastEnders: Lisa Fowler and Phil Mitchell

Lisa shot Phil (Credit: BBC)

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Phil and Lisa’s relationship was trouble from the beginning.

After mentally and emotionally abusing Lisa, he went on to sleep with her best friend Mel.

In 2001, Phil was shot by an unseen assailant. And for five weeks viewers were left wondering who shot Phil?

Have you guessed who did it? Yep, it was Lisa!

Den Watts and Chrissie Watts

Chrissie killed Den (Credit: BBC)

Sharon’s dad Den was killed by his second wife Chrissie.

It was presumed Den died in 1989. However in 2003 his family got the shock of their lives when it was revealed Den was actually alive.

Chrissie arrived in Walford in 2004 looking for her husband.

In 2005, Den had wronged many on Albert Square. Zoe Slater ended up hitting Den over the head as he went to attack Chrissie.

Afterwards, Zoe and Sam crept out of The Vic. But as Chrissie began to gloat about Den being dead, he grabbed her leg saying: “You’ll never get me out of The Vic.”

Chrissie picked up the doorstop and bludgeoned her husband to death.

Tanya Branning and Max Branning

On Christmas Day 2007, the nation tuned in to see Max and Stacey’s affair reveal.

Max had been cheating on his wife Tanya with his daughter-in-law Stacey, who was married to Bradley Branning.

Afterwards Max and Tanya split and she began dating Stacey’s brother Sean and together they plotted to drug Max and kill him by burying him alive.

Their plan worked, but Tanya felt bad and went back and dug Max up – yes, he was still alive.

Little Mo Mitchell and Trevor Morgan

Mo was abused by Trevor (Credit: BBC)

Little Mo was abused by her husband Trevor Morgan.

He was often violent towards her and, in 2001, when he attempted to rape her again, she hit him over the head with an iron in self-defence.

At first she believed he was dead, however he survived and was admitted to hospital.

Little Mo was found guilty of attempted murder in court and sentenced to eight years in prison. But after Trevor attacked Kat, he agreed he would retract his statement about Mo and in return Kat agreed she wouldn’t press charges.

Little Mo was released from prison. However in 2002, Trevor was killed in a house explosion.

Cindy Beale and Ian Beale

Cindy hired a hitman to kill Ian. But he survived (Credit: BBC)

Believe it or not Sharon trying to kill Ian is not the first time one of his wives has tried to do him in.

In 1996, Ian discovered Cindy had been cheating and decided to take her to court.

Furious, she hired a hitman to kill him but soon changed her mind. However when she changed her mind it was too late, Ian had been shot.

Of course he survived. But will he survive Sharon’s attempts to kill him?

We wonder if Sharon, Cindy, Lisa, Mo, Chrissie and Tanya would get together to perform the Cell Block Tango?

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