EastEnders fans think Sharon will give up Kayden for adoption

Sharon's son Dennis died the day Kayden was born

Fans of EastEnders think Sharon Mitchell will give her newborn son Kayden up for adoption.

A couple of weeks ago Sharon gave birth to baby Kayden with no idea that while she was in labour her oldest son Dennis died.

The 13-year-old died as a result of drowning after the boat hosting The Queen Vic’s party crashed.

Sharon has been struggling to bond with Kayden (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Since finding out about Dennis’s death, Sharon has struggled to bond with her baby and even thought about taking her own life.

In the coming weeks Sharon will make a heart-wrenching decision, and viewers are convinced that the grieving mum will put her newborn son up for adoption.

With Sharon grieving for Dennis, her friends have been helping with little Kayden.

However Ian knows something about Dennis’s death which he hasn’t told Sharon.

I’m hoping Sharon won’t give this baby up for adoption?

The day Dennis died, Ian discovered Dennis was behind Bobby Beale’s online abuse and locked him on the lower deck of the boat, with plans to take him to the police afterwards.

But the boat ended up crashing and the lower deck took on water.

Ian was furious with Dennis learning he had been bullying Bobby (Credit: BBC)

As Ian found out Dennis’s life was in danger, he went to help him and got him out of the room he was trapped in, however a surge of water through the boat caused Denny to drown.

Before the crash, Dennis left a voicemail for Sharon telling him Ian locked him in a room.

But unfortunately for Ian, Dotty Cotton has now heard a message that Dennis left for Ian.

The teen could be heard crying: “Help! Help! Help me! Ian, where are you? I’m sorry all right, I’m sorry. Open the door please! There’s water coming in.”

Dotty blackmails Ian
Dotty is blackmailing Ian (Credit: BBC)

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Since hearing the voicemail, she has blackmailed him demanding the Arches garage.

But will Ian give her what she wants?

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