EastEnders SPOILER: Louise Mitchell to kill Ray Kelly in shock twist?

EastEnders’ Ray Kelly ‘really Steve Owen back from the dead’

The theory's got legs

Here’s a soap theory to wrap our heads round after a week of all excesses… EastEnders’ Ray Kelly is actually Steve Owen. Dead Steve Owen. Back from the dead!

Think about it a second and actually this idea doesn’t seem all that implausible.

tamzin outhwaite mel owens eastenders
Who IS Mel marrying? (Credit: BBC)

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Steve ‘died’ in a car explosion, but we never saw a body. Mel left Walford for ages, maybe to follow Steve, who needed to be presumed dead.

Hunter is exceptionally close to Ray, like a son and father, it goes beyond normal stepson and stepfather bonds…

EastEnders SPOILER: Steve Owen's shock return confirmed?
Steve and Mel were toxic (Credit: BBC)

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The notion was started by a fan, who pointed out the resemblance between Ray and Steve (maybe Mel just really has a type!), and put forward the idea that Steve had undergone reconstructive surgery (and been put through and Irish accent wash) to become Ray.

And other viewers quickly latched on…

To further lend some weight to the idea, when Tamzin Outhwaite first returned to EastEnders earlier this year, she hinted that Steve could still be alive.

Talking about her character’s husband, who seemingly perished in the blaze 16 years ago, Tamzin said:  “I do think he could have got out in that three seconds and rolled underneath the car.”

eastenders mel ray wedding
Who IS he? (Credit: BBC)

And there’s more, in the high-octane trailer for the New Year episodes, Hunter can be heard shouting: “No, no, Dad, no!”

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