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EastEnders: Norma from Shameless appears as Chantelle’s nurse

Actress Dystin Johnson has appeared in the soap multiple times over the years

Fans of EastEnders hoping for Gray Atkins’ vile domestic abuse to be discovered got their wish last night, when a nurse spotted the telltale signs.

But they also got an unexpected surprise, too, when they recognised the same nurse from another huge TV drama.

Chantelle nurse hospital
Chantelle cut her hand on a broken glass and needed stitches (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday night (September 24), Chantelle cut her hand on a broken glass and had to visit A&E to have the deep gash seen to.

When Gray left the consulting room to answer a phone call, the nurse asked Chantelle to remove her cardigan – a simple enough request, unless your arms are covered in bruises…

After initially refusing, Chantelle removed the garment, revealing the black and blue skin beneath.

Chantelle nurse hospital
Did you recognise Chantelle’s nurse? (Credit: BBC)

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Luckily, the nurse guessed the situation Chantelle was in, and discreetly gave her a lip balm with the number of a domestic abuse helpline printed on it.

As Chantelle attempted to hide the item, fans at home were thrilled Chantelle’s abuse had been noticed and also remarked on the familiarity of the nurse who had helped her.

Did you recognise her? Nurse Lennon was, in fact, played by actress Dystin Johnson, who some viewers recognised from her popular role as trucker Norma Starkey in Shameless.

One thrilled fan tweeted: “Just realised the nurse on tonight’s #EastEnders used to play the role of Norma on Shameless, loved her in that show.”

Another added: “It’s Norma from Shameless. God I miss that show #EastEnders.”

A third simply said: “It’s Norma from Shameless, OMG!”

“So glad you brought nurse back in tonight’s episode (Norma from Shameless),” agreed one more.

Chantelle nurse hospital
Dystin Johnson’s Nurse Lennon spotted the telltale signs of domestic abuse (Credit: BBC)
Dystin as Norma in Shameless (Credit: Channel 4)

Dystin has actually appeared in EastEnders on and off since 2003, playing a midwife in 2003 and 2004, and a nurse in 2006, 2018 and again this year.

Nurse Lennon was on hand for Max, when Abi Branning’s life support was turned off in January 2018.

Dystin has also appeared in Emmerdale as DC Bright, The Bill, Prime Suspect and Grange Hill.

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