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Monday 1st June 2020

10 huge EastEnders spoilers next week including Phil's return

Phil returns

The EastEnders spoilers for next week have dropped – and drama is in store for Albert Square.

Phil returns on the day of Dennis's funeral, Dotty piles the pressure on Ian, and Linda turns to alcohol.

1. Family and friends gather for Dennis's funeral

Sharon prepares for Dennis's funeral in next week's EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

On the day of Dennis's funeral, Jay arrives with flowers from him and Lola. Sharon insists none of the Mitchells are welcome.

Ian sneaks out to meet Dotty. She piles on the pressure for him to tell Sharon the truth.

As Ian returns and joins Sharon so they can head to the funeral, unbeknownst to everyone, someone is watching...

Later, it all proves too much for Sharon.

During the wake, tensions begin to rise as Ben arrives.

But Sharon notices a detail Linda missed and shares some harsh words with her best friend, leaving her mortified.

2. Phil returns

Ian calms Sharon down. As they leave they're stunned to see Phil is back.

3.  Sharon attacks Phil

Phil's not welcome (Credit: BBC)

Sharon launches herself at Phil, leaving Kathy and Ian to intervene.

Phil begs to speak to Sharon and eventually kicks Ian's door down. Putting up a fight, Sharon begins to hurl insults at her husband.

Ian calls the police but by the time they arrive, Phil is nowhere to be seen.

4. Phil hits the bottle?

Phil nurses a drink but as Jay tries to encourage him not to, the police arrive forcing Phil to hide.

Sharon seeks Phil out at the Arches.

Phil soon realises what he has to do. When Ian spots Phil in the Square later, he is shocked by what Phil tells him...

5. Linda starts drinking again

The drink is too tempting in next week's EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Linda refuses to let Shirley dampen her progress.

After reassuring the social worker, Linda is determined to support Sharon as she lays Dennis to rest.

Sharon later shares some harsh words with Linda. But after telling Mick she's ready to return to work full time, Linda finds Shirley's vodka and pours herself a drink.

Shirley catches Linda red handed and when Mick arrives, Linda admits to having a drink.

6. Mick and Linda make a big decision

What is Linda and Mick decision? (Credit: BBC)

Linda opens up to Mick getting him thinking. As they read to Ollie in bed, they make a big decision.

7. Romance for Habiba and Jags

Habiba and Jags spend the night together in next week's EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

Habiba and Jags talk about Suki's lies and have a heart to heart.

Jags opens up about a friend dying, leaving Habiba touched.

Seeing Jags in a new light, the pair share a kiss.

The next morning Jags and Habiba reel from their night together. Is there about to be a new couple in Walford?

8. Dotty makes a new friend

Dotty and Vinny spark a friendship (Credit: BBC)

Vinny continues to struggle being around Suki.

As he starts graffitiing to take out his frustrations, Dotty joins him and the pair instantly strike up a friendship.

Wound up by Ian, Dotty demands the keys to the restaurant and takes Vinny for a drink.

Later, the two head to Ruby's. But with Dotty out to cause trouble, Vinny heads home.

9. Peter comes to Dotty's rescue

Peter steps in protect Dotty (Credit: BBC)

Dotty steals a man's wallet, but as he starts to chase her, Peter steps in and saves her.

Ian hears the commotion and when he returns home he rifles through Dotty's bag. He soon finds what he's been looking for - the keys to the Arches.

10. Ben tells Callum how he really feels

Callum supports Ben after everything he's been through, encouraging him to face the situation.

Seeing Callum's devotion, Ben admits he loves him.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, EastEnders is airing episodes on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

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