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EastEnders legend revealed to be a fake by former show boss

The legendary writer has been hiding a secret from everyone for years

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An EastEnders writer has revealed one of the show’s legends isn’t actually real.

Julia Honour is one of the long-running BBC soap’s most prolific script writers but it has now been revealed that she doesn’t actually exist.

EastEnders legend revealed to be a fake by former show boss
Julia Honour has her own IMDB page, but she doesn’t even exist (Credit: IMDB)

Former EastEnders executive producer Matthew Robinson has confirmed the mysterious Julia doesn’t really exist.

The mystery writer behind Julia is credited with creating 54 scripts since 1998.

In 2015 Julia was down for a whopping nine scripts the same year the show revealed the killer of Lucy Beale in a dramatic live episode.

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But now writing on his Walford Web blog, Matthew has told how Julia Honour is used when commissioned writers’ scripts aren’t usable and need to be re-written in house.

He wrote how when he started working on the show he had met every writer but Julia.

It took him weeks to corner a member of the editorial staff and get the truth out of them.

He said: “I noticed something odd. Julia Honour’s scripts always started with Draft 3 – Drafts 1 and 2 were always missing.

“(In those days, EE scripts went to up six drafts, all of which would arrive in an almost continuous flow of mind-numbing regularity, stacking up on a sturdy set of shelves just inside my office door.)

“Not being able to bear the suspense after a month or so, I cornered the Senior Editor and demanded she arrange a meeting for me with Ms Honour. Eyes to the floor, she admitted the truth.

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“‘Julia Honour’ was the authorship pseudonym appended to a script when a member of the editorial staff had to take over and completely rewrite a dreadfully poor – and thus unsaveable – early draft from a commissioned writer.

“The practice had started just before I joined and has, I believe (though I can’t swear to it) continued to this day.”

This year Julia has only written one script, but the mystery remains of who she really is.

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