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EastEnders: Jessica Plummer explains why Chantelle remained silent over abuse

It's because of Chantelle's parents, Karen and Mitch

EastEnders hairdresser Chantelle Atkins is to be killed by abusive husband Gray on the BBC soap.

Viewers watched the mum of two say her final goodbyes to her parents during Thursday (September 17) evening’s episode.

But a number of EastEnders fans have asked why Chantelle hasn’t told her parents what Gray has put her through.

Some on social media are wondering why she hasn’t spoken out – and actress Jessica Plummer has revealed why.

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Jessica Plummer has explained Chantelle’s silence (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

What did EastEnders star Jessica Plummer say about Chantelle remaining silent?

The star said: “Chantelle’s parents have a relationship with her husband, so for her to tell her parents is to potentially not escape.

“Gray is clever, he’s smart and he’s not going to let her just walk out of the door. I think it’s easier for her to just run.”

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On Twitter, one viewer had written: “Heartbreaking. I am absolutely sure if Chantelle told Karen she would kill Gray herself, to protect her daughter #EastEnders. Don’t stay silent, speak out!”

Another, understanding the situation, tweeted: “Just caught up with #Eastenders. Ahh I was so wishing that Chantelle would stay with her dad and tell him everything, but I know it’s not as easy as that. Not at all.”

Why didn’t Chantelle just tell Mitch the truth about Gray?

A third said: “#EastEnders man why didn’t Chantelle just tell Mitch the truth about Gray? Can’t wait ’til he gets his comeuppance… domestic abusers are vile scum.”

Someone else asked: “Why can’t Chantelle just tell her dad whats going on? #EastEnders.”

At the end of last night’s EastEnders, Chantelle was with her parents when Gray insisted they return home because their place had been broken into.

She questioned why they had to go back, telling him: “What’s the point? By the time we’re back, whoever was there would have been gone by now.”

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Gray will murder Chantelle on EastEnders (Credit: BBC)

What happened on EastEnders with Chantelle and Gray?

Gray insisted that they return.

Chantelle, hoping to get away, asked her mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley) about her kids.

But Gray pressed: “I think we should handle this together. Who knows what they could have taken? The kids want to go home, they’re scared. The film didn’t help. Come on.”

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Noticing a tension, Chantelle’s dad Mitch (Roger Griffiths) offered his daughter a lifeline.

He told her: “Baby, if you want to stay, just say. I’m sure Gray will be okay on his own.”

Unfortunately, Chantelle left with her husband. Before going, she turned to Karen and Mitch to say goodbye.

Mitch called, as she left: “Drive safe, baby!”

– EastEnders airs on BBC One tonight (Friday, September 18) at 8.30pm

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