OPINION: How has EastEnders’ Louise not figured out Keanu is the father of Sharon’s baby?

Louise suspected Sharon and Keanu of having an affair last year!

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One question that has been on my mind for the past couple of weeks is how Louise Mitchell hasn’t figured out that her fiancé Keanu is the father of her stepmother Sharon’s baby.

Louise has even confronted Sharon about having an affair with Keanu previously, so how has she not put two and two together and worked it out now the rumours of Phil not being the baby daddy are circulating?

For those of you who have no idea what’s happening in EastEnders with the whole Sheanu affair here’s a quick recap.

Last year, Keanu had an affair with Phil Mitchell’s wife Sharon before she eventually ended things.

Sharon and Keanu had an affair (Credit: BBC)

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When Keanu came back from a work trip in Spain, Phil paid him to look after his daughter Louise as there were men after him.

But Keanu ended up falling for Louise and got her pregnant…which perhaps wasn’t quite what Phil had in mind when he told Keanu to look after her.

Louise fell pregnant with Keanu’s baby (Credit: ITV)

But when Louise overheard that Phil had paid Keanu to be with her, she ended their relationship and told him she had aborted their baby.

Upset and hurt, Keanu went and slept with Sharon once again.

A couple of weeks later, Louise decided to forgive Keanu and revealed she didn’t actually go through with the abortion.

As they kissed and made up, Sharon found out she was also pregnant and later a prenatal DNA test revealed that Phil is not the daddy.

Yes that’s right, Keanu is trying to beat Jack Branning in how many Mitchell women he can get pregnant!

Sharon found out Phil is not the father of her baby (Credit: BBC)

Mel Owen soon found out that Phil isn’t the father of Sharon’s baby and told her best friend Lisa Fowler, who also happens to be Louise’s mother.

When Mel was killed after being struck by a lorry, Lisa blamed her death on Sharon as she was there when Mel died.

At Mel’s funeral, Lisa publicly accused Sharon of cheating on Phil and kept saying he wasn’t the father of her baby.

Lisa accused Sharon of cheating on Phil (Credit: BBC)

Obviously her constant accusations are making Phil suspicious that he isn’t really the father and my question is… How has Louise not realised Keanu is the father of Sharon’s unborn child?

Last year, when Sharon and Keanu were having an affair, Louise once walked in on the two of them getting busy in the living room.

But because the schoolgirl was too focused on her phone she didn’t even notice Keanu’s trousers were unbuckled.

EastEnders SPOILER: Sharon Mitchell nearly caught romping with Keanu Taylor by Louise
Louise very nearly caught Sharon and Keanu last year (Credit: BBC)

Louise became suspicious that they were sleeping together when Sharon accidentally sent her a recording of her and Keanu romping.

Sharon soon started receiving threatening text messages from an anonymous person and it was later revealed that Louise was the one sending them.

The teenager confronted Sharon telling her stepmother she had seen her and Keanu together a lot and heard them doing the dirty.

But Sharon eventually managed to convince Louise (by making her listen to the recording of them having sex, ew) that it was all a big misunderstanding and Keanu was helping her work out.

Sharon played Louise the recording of her and Keanu having sex to prove they were just working out (Credit: BBC)

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Even though Sharon did manage to convince Louise that her and Keanu weren’t having an affair, surely when Lisa started saying Phil isn’t the father, she would’ve remembered their conversation from last year?

I think Louise should have worked it out before now.

Perhaps having given birth herself just last week, her emotions are too all over the place to think straight, or maybe she just doesn’t want to believe it?

Do you think Louise is stupid for not having worked it out before now?

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