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BBC fans have their evening ‘ruined’ as EastEnders and Holby replaced by football AGAIN

Not. Happy. At. All.

BBC fans were left frustrated and angry last night, when they sat down to watch their favourite TV shows EastEnders and Holby City – only to get football instead.

Some TV viewers even slammed the channel for “ruining their evening” and begged them not to mess around with the schedules in favour of sport again.

There was no update on Ben’s loss of hearing (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday (March 3), the BBC made the decision to replace its usual line-up of entertainment with two and a half hours of football instead.

Seriously getting tired of EastEnders being taken off for football.

Instead of the usual 7.30pm visit to Albert Square, followed by Holby City at 8pm and The Split at 9pm, viewers found themselves faced with Live Match of the Day: The FA Cup.

Gary Lineker presented the fifth-round tie at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Liverpool.

Gary Lineker Match Of the Day
Ian Wright and Alan Shearer provided analysis and commentary (Credit: BBC)

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Which is great if you like football. Not so great if you don’t!

Especially as Wednesday evening (March 4) on BBC is also dedicated to the live action from the FA Cup, as Sheffield Wednesday play Manchester City.

EastEnders fans can catch up on the ‘missing’ episode on Friday with a double bill starting at 8.30pm.

holby city love triangle essie kisses sacha
Holby fans missed out (Credit: BBC)

TV fans were seriously unimpressed with the schedule changes, with one tweeting: “Seriously getting tired of EastEnders being taken off for football. When are people going to realise not everyone likes football?”

Another said: “It’s wrong to take off a regular programme for a children’s game especially when the BBC have so many other channels to show what passes for sport on.”

A third fumed: “Bloody football. Can’t they utilise BBC2? I’m not interested in watching a bunch of overpaid men chase a ball around whilst falling over and waiting for the magic sponge to fix them.”

“[Bleep] the football. EastEnders is more important,” raged another, and one more typed: “They should cancel Football. Not EastEnders.”

Nooooooo. Ruined my evening,” exclaimed another.

Holby fans weren’t amused either, with one saying: “There will be a Holby-shaped hole in my heart tonight.”

Another added: “Damn football! Who wants to watch that? I don’t . We want Holby on instead.”

“Why can’t we have Holby on another night or time so we don’t miss out?” asked one.

One more fumed: “I hate football, all the good programmes get shoved aside for it.”

Holby did, in fact, have two episodes last week to accommodate the change.

The fourth episode of The Split shifted in the schedules, going out on Monday (March 2) at 9pm instead of in its usual Tuesday slot.

It’s not the first time football has interfered with BBC’s most popular serial dramas.

Many fans have accused the channel of favouring sport, and want football matches to air on sporting channels or BBC2 instead.

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