EastEnders fan not impressed with the new Peter Beale and demand he goes back to New Zealand

He only arrived two weeks ago!

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Viewers of EastEnders have decided that they “hate” the new Peter Beale and want him to go back to New Zealand for good!

Ian’s son returned last month, with newcomer Dayle Hudson becoming the seventh actor to play the role.

Yes, he really is that tall (Credit: BBC)

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Fans were divided at first, with some excited to see the character return to Walford after five years away, while others weren’t happy that he returned with a new face, calling him an “imposter” and comparing him to Doctor Who, who has been played by 13 different actors.

Go back to New Zealand please Peter.

Once viewers got used to Peter’s new face – and his height! – the jury was out whether Peter would win TV audiences over.

However, his latest actions have made many turn against him.

Peter Lola kiss EastEnders
Peter and Lola rekindled their romance of old – at Jay’s expense (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday (March 10), Jay Brown was left heartbroken after he proposed to Lola Pearce – only to be rejected in the cruellest way.

And, after an upsetting row unfolded, Lola later found solace in the arms of old-flame Peter.

Rekindling their past romance, Lola and Peter shared a secret snog…

Jay proposes to Lola
Jay wants the perfect family with Lola (Credit: BBC)

Viewers know that Lola is pregnant with Jay’s baby… But while Jay wanted to keep the baby, Lola wasn’t as excited by the prospect and wanted to focus solely on her daughter Lexi for the moment.

When Jay proposed, Lola told him she wasn’t planning on keeping their baby, leaving poor Jay heartbroken.

He responded by storming out of the flat and shouting: “Forget me, forget this, forget the lot.”

By the end of the episode, Jay could be seen sending a text to Lola asking if they could talk, while Lola went for a drink to try and get her mind off the day’s events.

Peter Lola kiss EastEnders
Does this kiss spell the end for Jay and Lola (Credit: BBC)

While at the club, she bumped into Peter working behind the bar and, after sharing a few drinks, the pair ended up sharing a kiss, too.

And many of those watching from home were livid with Peter for kissing Lola – and breaking up ‘Jola’.

One tweeted: “I want Peter gone.”

Another said: “Go back to New Zealand please Peter.”

A third added: “Don’t like the new Peter. Jay deserves way better than Lola too. She’s acting like a bit of a [bleep].”

“So Peter Beale is back just to destroy a relationship that had the potential to last longer than most in the square?” asked another, while one more blasted: “I hate this new Peter. I preferred Ben Hardy.”

One viewer dripped sarcasm when they wrote: “That was nice of Peter to take advantage of a drunk woman, wasn’t it?”

Some of those watching thought Peter would make a better pairing with Habiba.

Viewers know that Peter and Lola dated in the past, but it went horribly wrong and Peter hurt Lola.

Will she regret her drunken snog with Peter? Or are Peter and Lola now a thing?

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