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EastEnders bosses hinted at death of Chantelle by dishwasher back in January

The clue was spotted by fans in January

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EastEnders bosses hinted at Chantelle Atkins’ tragic end nine months ago.

The mum of two was killed by husband Gray in last night’s episode (September 18).

He pushed her onto an upturned knife in the dishwasher.

eastenders foreshadowed chantelles death
Gray could have been planning this for months (Credit: BBC)

She was then left to bleed to death, paralysed and unable to summon help herself while Gray covered it up.

What happened in the old scene?

But viewers have remembered a scene that shows how the soap predicted the way Chantelle would meet her devastating end.

Fans recalled a scene from shortly after New Year when Gray coldly told Chantelle to place knives in the dishwasher blade up.

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He said: “Cutlery up or it doesn’t get clean.”

Fans were stunned, with one commenting: “That is some long game they played.”

It was a terrifying foreshadowing of what happened last night.

EastEnders: How did Chantelle die?

Chantelle had finally worked up the courage to leave Gray, after years of abuse.

That is some long game they played.

She told him: “I can’t do this another minute longer, I can’t stomach it.

“You can cancel my bank cards, you can push me around, you can beat me black and blue but you will never win because I don’t love you any more.”

eastenders chantelle death by dishwasher
The episode clearly showed the knife up (Credit: BBC)

She added: “I lost your baby and I was glad. Look at you. What woman would want to be with a man like you? Weak, pathetic.

“The only mistake I made was staying this long, not speaking up and telling everyone the truth. I kept my mouth shut because that’s what I thought a good wife did.

“Not any more, I am leaving, I am taking my children and I am walking out the door.

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“And I swear I will start screaming and I won’t stop until you are inside now get out of my way.”

But Gray refused to move and instead pushed her back onto the upturned knife.

Chantelle lay dying for the rest of the EastEnders episode while criminal defence lawyer Gray cleaned up the evidence and set his alibis up by going to the shop and pub.

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